Bobby Creekwater Presents Chan J “Like That” Featuring Jimmy Collins


Bobby Creekwater puts protege Chan J in the spotlight for the second single from the forthcoming Energy7 compilation project Bobby Creekwater Presents: Crown Affairs. “Like That” finds a very honest Chan J delivering a smooth, passionate ode to the pursuit of success. But don’t get it twisted: he knows this success is his destiny and vows he’s here to “put the city [Atlanta] on his back.” These two releases are proof that he’s definitely prepared to forge a new lane in Atlanta’s current musical climate.

While Chan J’s name may ring a few bells, thanks to his 2014 debut mixtape Complex Dreams, “Like That” is newcomer and fellow Energy7 artist Jimmy Collins’ debut and an indication of things to come.

Founded by Bobby Creekwater and entrepreneur Steve Harrell, Energy7 is a boutique founded on the principles that once put Atlanta on course to continue Motown’s legacy. Due out June 26, Bobby Creekwater Presents: Crown Affairs will serve as the perfect introduction to the label’s main objective: a return to carefully crafted artistry and timeless music.