Breeding Ground Pick: Eskabel

Breeding Ground Pick: Eskabel

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Eskabel was born December 3, 1986, in Houston, Texas into a world that destined him toward becoming a star. His multi-cultural roots included an African-American father and a Nuyorican (Puerto rican) mother who didn’t take s### and refused to let him become another statistic. She taught him the faith of her ancestors, and tried to guide him along the path of the righteous. His father was a record label Executive, exposing Eskabel to a variety of musical genres during his formative years. Eskabel’s father witnessed his son’s creativity and began to teach him the business acumen that could only be accumulated over years of struggle and experience dealing with the bureaucracy that had taken over the music industry.

Eskabel often felt alone. With most of his extended family in New York, growing up the south was a different world. His mixed background forced him to try to identify with one minority or another, as the blacks and latinos in his neighborhood ran in separate circles. He found people resented his ethnicity, and he therefore kept very few associates. He discovered rap at young age, finding solace in the rhymes of artists who shared his sentiment of solitude. Eskabel was just ten years old when he first heard Tupac’s album All Eyez on Me pumping through the speakers in his older sister’s room. From that point on he knew he was destined for a lifelong pursuit of storytelling. He began to study the art of rap, self-taught with such textbooks as Makaveli, I am (NAS),every catalog of Jay-z, Eminem and Big Pun. Though Eskabel triumphed in many arenas growing up, including athletics, poetics and girls, only one true art form did he dedicate his soul to, that being Hip-Hop.

No stranger to the fast life coursing through his bloodstream, Eskabel found himself in trouble with the law at times. Though he does not like to talk about those experiences, he has been quoted as saying “At one point in my life I found myself naturally inclined to commit crime, I will never glorify the life I used to live, I’ve got something to do on this earth, my days are limited so I must inform the world of the truth, and that is the ART OF SURVIVAL,I pray the lord continues to protect me from any and all demons”

Eskabel is currently working on his debut album release “OUTWORK THE WORLD”, and has previously released 5 mixtapes.