Chairmen of the Bars Drops New Black Empowerment Project

Chairmen of the Bars

Chairmen of the Bars are here and they got a brand new bag!

“Tmrrw” is a new album by the Hip Hop collective known as “Chairmen of the Bars”.  Consisting of 13 tracks with a runtime of roughly 43 minutes, “Tmrrw” is a concise project which touches on several topics ranging from Black empowerment, to historical injustice & inequality, even down to the current pandemic the world faces.  Over sonically sharp production, the conglomerate of MC’s in the group share social commentary which addresses the plight of the Black Race in this country while giving jewels of thoughtful content for the consumer to digest.

On this particular project, each MC in the group approaches the material in a conversational type of manner to convey the message of the songs they are trying to get across. While the MC’s in the “Chairmen of the Bars” each have their own distinctive style & approach, each contribute equally to the streamlined mission of the album. Comprised of lyrics, concepts & ideas to make one think, “Tmrrw” achieves it’s goal over the course album in doing just that. As an appetizer, the album opens with “Watch”, a track featuring a single verse which accurately and succinctly touches on the state of black affairs in the world today.  This ultimately bleeds into the eerily reflective “The Silencer”.

Through verses and narration, “The Silencer” touches on the topic of racism in various forms and the recent acts of police brutality & murder of unarmed black people. On “Contagion”, the Chairmen speak on the coronavirus and the general level of distrust often shared in the black community regarding vaccinations due to historical actions against us: “We need repair, slavery ain’t our inheritance, don’t trust their science or Presidents, trust the evidence, Tuskegee Experiments…”. Other tracks like “Earth Seed” and “Crack a Book” respectively share messages of uplifting our Black Queens and give encouragement to learn & educate ourselves on issues that affect us. “Rhythm Blues” targets the various hardships & struggles of the Black Race and essentially declares how the world “Loves the culture but not our traditions”. “Black Colossus” closes out the album on a strong note and focuses on empowerment, motivation and being self-sufficient with a catchy chorus that you may find yourself reciting over and over: “I’m feeling good ya’ll from my pain and losses, come to find out? I’m the Black Colossus!”.

Overall, this is a nice project that is definitely worth a listen if you are looking for more thought-provoking Hip Hop to consume. As previously mentioned, the album’s themes and messages are designed to educate and make you think.  The MC’s in the group all complement one another and deliver their verses over production that ranges from drum filled, boom bap beats to more melodic & jazz inspired selections.  At 13 tracks, “Tmmrw” is a very easy listen that doesn’t overstay its welcome and features a group of passionate MC’s with potent messages to share.  This underground gem can currently be found on streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music – Enjoy!