Chali 2na Drops Off “Righteous Way (2020 Version)” To Close Out The Year


Chali 2na closes out the year with new music.

Chali 2na isn’t letting 2020 slow him down in the slightest. Exploding onto the rap scene as a member of iconic hip-hop group Jurassic 5 and Grammy Award-winning Ozomatli, the legendary spitter continues to exercise his passion for music and visual art. Now following the release of his last single titled “Keep Goin” released at the end of October, Chali returns with his final track of the year: “Righteous Way (2020 Version).”

Serving as the final piece to his 2020 Fish Outta Water campaign, “Righteous Way” serves as his most transformative release yet. The updated version reveals a momentous neo-soul makeover, infused with nostalgic R&B tones and paired with raw vulnerability in the lyrics. Touching on everything from fatherhood to his own experiences as both a son and father, the 2020 version of “Righteous Way” finds Chali excelling in its modern take on the classic song.

Speaking on the record, Chali states “I want fans to not only feel the love that I have for my family, but to also be inspired to feel and show love for the human family as a whole. It means everything to me to close out the year this way, especially honoring my father who passed away 8 years ago and my son who turns 30 in 2021.”

Stream “Righteous Way” and end the year on a high note!