Chanel West Coast And Rockie Fresh Are Living “The Life”


Chanel West Coast has a new single out called “The Life” featuring Maybach Music Group (MMG) artist Rockie Fresh.

“The Life is a feel good song that I made to inspire others. I really wanted to do a song and music video where I showed my old life before I had some money and fame” Chanel West Coast explained. “I made ‘The Life’ to
inspire people that no matter what or where you come from if you focus and work hard you can make it to the top. You see me working at a Chinese restaurant in the video which was my first job in real life. ‘The Life’ was
made to show people that we can all come from nothing and make our way to the top if we focus and work hard. Rockie and I met a few years back when I was on tour and we stayed in contact and talked about collaborating. He
came to LA and came through to the studio and I had started on the song already and he was like ‘dope! This song is crazy! Let me get a verse on this one’ and then the magic happened. We came together to make a song
about living the dream.”