Chicago’s Bowl King Releases “No Glorification” Mixtape (Hosted By DJ Smallz)


Chicago rapper Bowl King, has definitely been in the kitchen cooking up some heat with his latest project titled “No Glorification”. The mixtape is a reflection of the everyday hustle and grind. Bowl King expressed earlier this year that he had some major heat that he wanted delivered to the streets, with the first single Street Platinum that he dropped off the “No Glorification” mixtape. He even expressed his feelings about the unreal that he keeps looking over, in the most recent single titled We Ain’t Seen Him, which was a tribute to everyone who stays flexing. The new mixtape was produced by prevalent producers Rio Mack, Chase Davis, Street Execs King Ceo, and Morphius. The mixtape also has features with artist Chi Hoover, Valee, Von, and Big IL. This mixtape is dedicated to the real and everyone who grinds hard to survive. Bowl spiced the mixtape up a bit with his two host on the new project, Southern Smokes own DJ Smallz and Chicago’s own DJ Amaris. No Glorification simply states that the hustlers don’t glorify what they do to make it happen, but he made a “million out that vision bowl”, and that’s why he reigns the title Bowl King!