Chris Catlin Is a Versatile Artist You Should Have On Your Radar

Chris Catlin is one of a kind and he’s taking his Caribbean roots and blends it into a Hip-Hop and R&B gumbo.

Chris Catlin is an artist who’s coming for the throne in 2022. As a versatile artist on the rise, Chris Catlin is no stranger to making good music. He knows what it takes to make music that is fun, meaningful, and easy to vibe to all at the same time. With his latest music, has been making an enticing blend of Hip-Hop and R&B with a taste of the Caribbean since 2018, and he’s back with his latest smash, ‘OtherSide.’ ‘OtherSide,’ a recounting of the story of loss through the eyes of a woman traveling the same trip, was inspired by the grief of his own father’s death.
When asked about one reason he’s passionate about music and what excites him, Catlin explained, “It speaks to your soul. I can listen to a song in a completely different language, not knowing a single word but still have that song on repeat.”

“And that song can make me feel exactly what it’s meant to, without even knowing a word,” he continued. “That’s what I love about music. it’s all about feeling for me.”

Chris is a true artist by definition. He’s able to think positively about the mourning process as a result of his profound meditation on his personal and professional experiences, resulting in a song with invitingly warm vocals and mellow beats. Chris converts the sad into good, the sadness into hope, and the agony into joy, dripping with meaning and leading to a route of escapism to liberate oneself from the mourning process.
With his latest release “OtherSide,” it’s easy to hear his influences.
“I grew up in the Caribbean so that lifestyle and the culture being so musically driven has a clear impact on my sound,” Catlin said. “My dad was also an amazing guitar player growing up so I was always influenced by that.”

Chris’ music has always had Dance/Afrobeat influences, despite the fact that he was born in the Cayman Islands and moved to Florida when he was eleven years old. On this tune, however, his style is significantly more nuanced, as the subject matter necessitates a more spiritual approach to the songwriting process than his regular work. Chris listens to jazz, country, Hip Hop, and a variety of other genres, and is influenced by dancehall singers such as Collie Buddz and Popcaanhe. He also listens to jazz, country, Hip Hop, and a variety of other genres. That is evident in all of his songs, as he explores the wide range of musicians with whom he has shared his life.
“I have a few projects in the works,” Catlin says of what’s next. “A reggae project that I’m excited about.”
It’s safe to say that Chris Catlin is working on new music this year, and if it’s anything like his recent releases, then audiences are in for a treat!

Check out “OtherSide” below & stay tuned with him on Instagram @iamchriscatlin