Converse All Stars JAM & Philly Drop Debut Music Video for “Photographs” and Launch Record Label for South Asian Americans

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Converse All Stars JAM & Philly just released the visuals for their debut music video for “Photographs.”

Converse All Stars JAM & Philly have dropped their debut music video for “Photographs” – floating between hip-hop, R&B, and pop to create a fresh blend.

The track features rapper Miskreet and tackles the reflective pain of heartbreak.

Directed by Archit Upadhyay, the video follows main characters JAM, Philly and Miskreet throughout the city of Boston as they each share regrets and emotional truths with their leading ladies.

The single kicks off with Philly’s soulful vocals, reminiscing about a past love: “All these photographs are the moments that we will never get again.”

JAM speeds things up for the first verse, melodically exposing his faults, “Loyalty, empathy, patience, look what you wasted, I didn’t deserve. How can I cry over someone and something as if I’m the victim when I made you hurt?.”

Third on the track is Miskreet, who switches gears with his spit-fire delivery to offer an angrier post-relationship perspective.

“Photographs” reflects on lost love and the road of mistakes that leads to heartbreak.

Originally from outside Chicago, South Asian American brothers JAM and Philly were always lonely faces of color in their hometown.

Often stereotyped, music became their shared outlet. With JAM as a lyricist and Philly as a producer, they made a perfect duo.

As artists, they are committed to creating a new future of mainstream representation for their community.

“Photographs” is the first release from Outer Voice Records – a groundbreaking South Asian American record label founded by the brothers in November 2020.

Outer Voice is building an entertainment institution that will claim much-needed space for underrepresented American artists of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Nepali, Afghan, Maldivian, and Bhutanese descent.

As an often unheard minority in music, Outer Voice aspires to change this narrative. The label is now accepting applications from young South Asian American artists and creatives across the country, including singers, rappers, songwriters, producers, sound engineers, filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers, and A&R.

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