Dylan Leonte of Dylan N’ Alice Is Skyrocketing Onto the Metalcore Scene in 2022

Mathew Knowles, father, and former manager of Beyoncé, joined Dylan ‘N’ Alice and worked with them for four years.

For decades, musicians have dominated the industry, but only a few have been immortalized for their music. People still remember these songs or hum them more often because they have resonated with their pain. People might die, but their ideas live on. This idea or thought has been conveyed through music and immortalized artists. Rising music sensation Dylan Leonte is on his way to setting another example for the industry by being an artist with a purpose. Unlike other contemporary artists, Dylan creates music that reflects social causes that are disrupting the world today. He is a metal singer and also fronts the music band Dylan ‘N’ Alice.

Dylan stepped into the entertainment industry at the age of 12. He appeared on a reality TV show called “The Big 4-0” that appeared on TV Land. Soon after, Dylan became part of an independent film called She’s a Fox with actress Hailee Steinfeld as the lead. It was followed by another TV show titled “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers.” Dylan started getting more and more involved in the entertainment industry with the passing years after discovering his passion for music. He diverted his career to become a musician and started his own band, Dylan ‘N’ Alice. 

Dylan knew that marketing his band would be a crucial step to achieving the success he wanted. In 2014, he started filming prank videos and uploading them on various social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Dylan managed to earn millions of views within a short time through his prank content and even joined the famous prank group Nelkboys. In fact, Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani, the brains behind Nelkboys, invited Dylan to be a part of their team, and he gladly agreed. 

Over the next 5 months, Dylan lived with them in Los Angeles, shooting viral prank videos. One of their videos garnered more than 115 million views collectively online and 46 million views on YouTube alone. Seeing this kind of response, Dylan thought it was time to scale his career in the music industry. He used social media to promote his band, earning loads of positive reactions from his fans.

Mathew Knowles, father, and former manager of Beyoncé, joined Dylan ‘N’ Alice and worked with them for four years. Since then, Dylan’s band has released several hit songs, each focusing on highly sensitive subjects like teen suicide and domestic abuse. To date, his most popular domestic abuse awareness video titled “Lonely Hunter” has over 1 million views on YouTube. The song also peaked at #27 on the UK iTunes Charts. 

Even though Dylan’s entry into the entertainment industry was a smooth one, his journey thus far was not easy. Dylan suffered serious injuries in a car accident that left him in a wheelchair for several months. He was unable to walk without crutches for three months, but even then he cheered for his band while they performed on stage. These difficulties made him realize that the show must go on because his music has a greater purpose and deserves to be heard by people around the globe. 

Going forward, Dylan wants to find a firmer foothold in the entertainment world. He is planning to launch a television network on Roku and Amazon Fire TV along with a bunch of TV shows dedicated to metal music, bands, and gaming. Going by his progress so far, his future moves will keep his fans waiting with bated breath.