Exclusive: Amari Fields Talks ‘Love You Dad’ And Upcoming Projects

Today Amari joins us with the debut of his new song Love You Dad which alone amassed over 1 million streams to date.

Flatbush, Brooklyn’s Amari Fields is making a name for himself and is just getting started. However, the public is just starting to find out about the young artist whose name is Daryn Amari Fields. Amari turned to music to motivate others and spread an influential message. From an early age, he knew music was what he wanted to do but did not know how to approach it. It was later in his freshman year of high school that he gained popularity on YouTube and eventually started his music career. 

Amari began by dropping freestyles and started gaining buzz, quickly catching the attention of the people. Today Amari joins us with the debut of his new song 1″Love You Dad” which alone amassed over 1 million streams to date. Find out more in our exclusive interview below: 

How old were you when you first experimented with music? Singing, rapping, etc?

Around 17-18. That is when I first started messing around with music and finding my sound. Just played around with type beats on YouTube at first, and eventually purchased my own licensed beats. My style is more Hip Hop and R&B and I find this style suits me best.

What motivated you to try?

At an incredibly early age, I would constantly listen to music, and it would be about gang activity, violence, and sexual activities. But never anything positive and the world was headed in a bad direction, and people are heavily influenced by the music they create. So, I wanted to be a person that inspired, brought together, and talked about issues in today’s world. I always just wanted to be a peacemaker and be the start of the change in our communities. And I do this by the music I continue to create.

Was your family supportive of your career?

No. When I first started my parents looked at me like I was crazy because I was sitting in the house all day grinding my YouTube. They did not know that this could be a career path. Over time, I was able to show them the money I was making, and my challenging work turned them into believers. From this point, my dad was the main one supporting me in buying my first ever PC, microphone, camera, and more. My dad saw I had a vision and was willing to do anything to help me achieve it. Which is the main reason I created an appreciation song called ‘Love You Dad.’

At what age did you start rapping seriously as a career? What triggered this?

I took rapping seriously around 19 years old. Because I was receiving positive feedback on the songs I had put out and was motivated to really turn my dreams into reality. I knew the coming up would not be easy, but I was ready for the challenge.

What have been the 3 biggest highlights of your career so far?

The first one was getting feedback on my music saying that I saved their life, just hearing something like that made me know for sure I was doing something right. Secondly, being able to give back to my parents who helped me get into this position was another highlight in my career. Third, being a peacemaker and bringing us together as people were also something I love about what I am doing.

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