Get to Know the Real Mario Duran, One of Miami’s Top DJs

After a series of achievements in his career, DJ Mario has no plans to stop.

Mixing music may seem easier with the advent of technology but the true role of a DJ is not limited to only mixing. A DJ is an entertainer whose talent goes beyond technology to read the mood of the crowd and make people groove to his tunes. Mario Herazo or DJ Mario Duran as he is popularly known in the clubbing scene has proved his mettle with his electrifying energy, great stage presence, and intuitive skills to read the crowd. As one of the popular DJs not just in Florida, DJ Mario Duran has been infecting people with his contagious music across the country. 

DJ Mario Duran realized his passion for music, or to be precise music mixing, from a very early age. He tried his DJing skills in his close circle like house parties, family gatherings, or at a friend’s home. With the kind of positive response he received initially, Mario felt motivated to try his skills in the nightclubs and achieved huge success as a party entertainer. 

The first big achievement of his career was to be the on-air DJ for the radio station Mega 94.9 FM in Miami. As a radio personality, DJ Mario was successful in creating a brand name for himself as a nightclub entertainer in South Florida. With this newfound recognition, DJ Mario started working with A-lister artists in the industry like Lil Jon, Maluma, and Sech to name a few. With them, DJ Mario has toured several countries across the world like Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Spain offering killer performances that brought him more recognition in the industry. 

With a career spanning more than a decade, DJ Mario has made his way to famous clubs and festivals like Vibra Urbana as the official DJ. Vibra Urbana is one of the biggest Reggaeton Festivals in the U.S that bring top artists from different corners of the world on a single platform. Being the face of such a festival is a dream of many DJs that Mario Duran is living. Apart from Vibra Urbana, DJ Mario is also the official DJ of KiKi On The River in Miami and the resident DJ of LIV nightclub.

Currently, DJ Mario is working every night as a member of the Heavy Hitters DJ crew. As the name suggests, Heavy Hitters is a renowned group of talented DJs from around the world who are setting the stage on fire in different cities across the U.S. The group is equally popular online for its incredible music videos that have attracted more fans every hour. 

After a series of achievements in his career, DJ Mario has no plans to stop. He wants to take a step further and be a mentor to other aspiring DJs. he feels that budding talents who are coming to the industry haven’t honed their craft properly. He wants to help them build a solid career by helping them learn skills like reading the crowd, interacting with the audience, etc. Going forward, DJ Mario has plans to launch his own radio show as a means to reach his fans beyond the stage and enthrall them with his music.