Gianni Cures Shares His Journey to Success in the Music Scene

Since his introduction to the music industry, Gianni has been releasing inspirational music with the hope of making an impact on someone’s life.

At 23, Gianni Cures is a young talent taking over the American music scene. Gianni is an independent artist with a fresh new music sound with a healthy mix of pop and hip-hop. The San Diego native is showing great potential to dominate the music scene with his unique and multi-genre sound that is thrilling music fans across all divides.

Since his introduction to the music industry, Gianni has been releasing inspirational music with the hope of making an impact on someone’s life. His music passion is anchored on bringing change, and that’s why Gianni wants to use music to cure the world.

He started singing from a young age but was too scared to actually pursue music as a career. He ended up in the influencer world, where he was silently pursuing his music goals. He later moved to Los Angeles, where he learned how to make music professionally. His popularity in the influencer world significantly contributed to him launching his music career.

Gianni acknowledges that making a name in the music industry can be challenging, especially when you don’t have something unique to offer. He says that the industry is full of talented artists fighting for the same slots, so he had to differentiate himself from the rest of the pack.

He says that he had to jump into as many sessions as possible, learning and building on his experience. This also helped him establish essential networks that have significantly helped him break into the industry. Gianni says he used his many famous influencer friends to market his music brand. Hanging around with some of the best artists and influencers also helped him gain the confidence needed in music. This was essential for the young artist, as it helped him show the world what he’s got. His goal was to create good relationships with other artists and producers, after which his musical talent did the talking.

The Mexican-American singer is taking over the music scene with his ability to mix multiple genres like pop, hip-hop, EDM, and rock to create and give it a fresh feel. Many listeners also find his ability to incorporate multiple switch-ups in all his songs captivating, so they are constantly glued to his channels waiting for his next release. Gianni believes that music enthusiasts want diversity in sound and, more importantly, to see how versatile their favorite artist can get.

Unfortunately, the modern generation of music listeners also has less of an attention span, which is seemingly getting shorter every day. This has been a big challenge for any artist out there, Gianni included. To counter this, the talented singer says that he’s been working hard to create something different and unique, perhaps never heard before, to keep his fans’ attention. Luckily, most of his fans are very loyal and always enjoy every track he releases.

Moving forward, the ambitious artist is aspiring to see himself become one of the biggest artists in the world. He desires to continue serving music enthusiasts with great tunes that they can connect and resonate with. He dreams of going on a global tour one day and inspiring millions of people to go after their dreams. In simple terms, Gianni wants to cure the world with music.