Gold Franko Sets The Tone With New Project ‘F Baby’

Gold Franko

Gold Franko hails from the East Side of Watts and the West Side of LA and he was influenced by Drakeo the Ruler.

The music and entertainment industry is brimming with incredible talent from all corners of the globe, making it a difficult market to break into. Gold Franko, whose actual name is Marquise Garcia, is determined to get his music acknowledged, no matter how difficult the road may be.

Gold Franko, who grew up on the East Side of Watts and the West Side of Los Angeles, California, describes how growing up in both areas influenced his musical approach, which is a blend of west coast music and east side slang. Gold Franko was a part of a group called Marvel, Inc when he was fourteen years old, and they were responsible for smash hits like Bang It Like a Cholo, 69 Me, and WOW, which had over a million listens and gave him the motivation to pursue music more professionally.

Drakeo the Ruler, whose characteristic laid-back flow and shameless charm helped define current West Coast rap, is one of his key rap influences. With his new project, Gold Franko maintains that infamous LA vibe alive, describing how he paid respect to Drakeo on F Baby with the single “Weirdos.”

“I would say the track that speaks to me the most is Weirdos. I sampled Drakeo the Ruler, where he’s talking about loyalty on an Instagram live and how people switched up on him, and I felt that exact way, especially with him passing away. I wanted to do a tribute and keep his words alive.”

The latest project, F Baby, according to the aspiring musician, is all about taking him to the next level, allowing him to buy designer attire, allowing him to do anything he wants while being loyal to his origins, and honoring the individuals who helped him get to where he is.