Here’s the Heat: Artists to Watch This Summer by Popular Vote

By popular vote, these rising artists are musicians of this summer. Whether released or yet to be released, their music brings us the heat, no pun intended.

This summer, events and concerts are now up and poppin’, welcoming new music to audiences. From one “summer anthem” to another, it seems that music plays a huge part during the most awaited time of the year. By popular vote, these rising artists are musicians of this summer. Whether released or yet to be released, their music brings us the heat, no pun intended. 

Ali (SomeArabGuy): “Monalisa” feat. French Montana –  Currently one of the highest ranked artists hailing from Michigan, Ali aka SomeArabGuy, turned heads with his history-making single, “Mona Lisa” featuring French Montana. Achieving one million streams within 24 hours of its release, “Mona Lisa” spread like wildfire, reaching over 20,000 Spotify playlists on its own. This May, the serial entrepreneur launched DX8 (Delta 8) Cryptocurrency backed by cannabis, with a $1 million market cap within the first week of launch. | @somearabguy 

Ayo Sk3tch – “Get Low” ft. Ted Park & Kyle Bent – AYO SK3TCH is an artist who has been consistently releasing high quality music for the past two years. Throughout 2020 he released 12 music videos and a mixtape titled “While We Wait”. Since then, AYO SK3TCH has now closed a distribution deal with the Los Angeles based company, Create Music Group, and he’s been releasing extremely well produced records that could soon creep into the mainstream. He just dropped a hot new club banger titled, “Get Low”, which features two notable artists named Ted Park and Kyle Bent. The song is available on all platforms and it doesn’t look like AYO SK3TCH is slowing down anytime soon. | @ayosk3tch

Balistic Man: James Anthony Melendez, known professionally as Balistic man is an American Hip Hop artist from Buffalo NY. After serving time in Federal Prison he changed his life around & decided to pursue music full time. Landing on major radio stations like SHADE45 & HOT97 with Dj Kay Slay.  He’s collaborated with artists like Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine, Maino, Papoose, David Correy, Chris Rivers, J-Hood, Cuban Link, Ali Vegas & many more! He’s opened shows for Griselda Records, Fat Joe, Maino, Red Cafe, Paul Wall, David Correy & more as well. His latest album “GUILTY” is out on all platforms now & is currently working on a new project & more! | @balisticmanmusic1 

Bekah Baby: Bekah Baby is a Detroit based R&B singer-songwriter born in Saginaw, MI. Her latest album, Late Night, is a must listen for true R&B fans and she has multiple collab projects dropping with HipHop artists throughout the country.  IG: @bekahbabymusic

Bobby “Real” Montgomery: “Yeah Yeah Yeah is Bobby Real Montgomery’s#### song that’s in a Hollywood blockbuster “Under Stadium Lights” Starring Lawrence Fishburne , Milo Gibson and many more. The song Yeah Yeah Yeah is a song of encouragement and inspiration that’s full of a unique St. Louis Flavor. Real takes you on a ride into his poor upbringing in the streets of East St Louis ILL where he and his family faced many challenges but eventually triumphed over them all. | @realpursuit

Bonni3 – “Paralyzed” – Rising artist Bonni3 just dropped a hot new single titled “Paralyzed”. This is a dope hip hop/rock crossover track. Check it out now and follow her on IG for her latest releases. | @iambonni3

Cadillac Muzik – “O.G. Style” – San Antonio, TX band Cadillac Muzik dedicates their latest project to their late great legendary eastside uncle Charles “Black Beamus” Williams. “This project was created in the Psychedelic Soulful Funky spirit of our uncle. We named it O.G. Style to express our form of originality and authenticity.  Where we come from, the term OG wasn’t just given to anyone. You had to have earned & obtained an extreme amount of wisdom & knowledge during your course of life. An OG in our eyes was someone who was incredibly exceptional, authentic, & old-school. Uncle Charles was the pure epitome of the term OG. He lives through us.” | @Cadillacmuzik 

Calikane: Hip Hop/Rap Artist Calikane’s love for music has inspired all of what he does.  He believes that life is like a melody in music and every situation we go through can be understood and healed through music. Born and Raised in Concord California, Calikane was influenced by an  array of Bay Area, and Sacramento rappers. Many different genres and forms of music as well have brought you the flavor Calikane brings to the table. His most current project is an 8-song EP he is calling “The Beautiful Struggle”. The first song is called “Musical Motion”, co-written by Deuce Eclipse. In music theory, there is a thing called “motion in music”.  There are many kinds of motion in music from movement with a melody all the way to several melodies interacting with each other. That’s how the name came to be. Now let’s picture our lives as melodies. | @calikane 

Chef E-dog – “Bio” – Chef E-dog just dropped a hot new EP titled “Bio” which gives a glimpse of how his life is and was. He called it “Bio” because it’s just that, the songs tell a story about some of the things that went on in his life. Bio is a great introduction to mainstream hip hop fans that are looking for a new flow and vibe to listen to. Check it out now! | @Chef_Edog

Chud’e: Born in Brooklyn, New York in the early 90’s. Chud’e immersed himself in the hip hop/r&b scene of that era while growing up. In more recent years after becoming a born again Christian, his passion for music blossomed into inspirational messages of hope for all his listeners. | @chude7 

D.Denzel – “Let Me See You Get Low” – D.Denzel just dropped a hot new single titled “Let Me See You Get Low”. This joint is str8 fiah! Make sure you check it out now and look out for his new album coming next month! @D.Denzel38

Deezy Cascone – “Off The Deep End” – Hip Hop artist Deezy Cascone is a rapper putting on for his hometown of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania in a major way. Having grown up with an interest in music, he has been writing and producing music for around fifteen years, and is ready to break into the mainstream music market. He returns to the music scene with an impressive new release titled “Off The Deep End” providing listeners with a unique sound that is relatable and sincerely truthful. | @Deezy_cascone

Devibe – “Can’t Let Go” – Devibe just dropped a hot new album titled “Devibe” featuring the hit single “Can’t Let Go”. It’s a vibe, he made this song about a person in his life that he could feel was missing. Missing in the sense that he couldn’t talk, touch, and spiritually vibe with them anymore. At the time Devibe felt he couldn’t let go of that person’s absence from his life. But now he is independent to the fact that they are not around anymore. It is what it is, what is meant to be will be, and life goes on. | @ItsDevibe

Dozzi Doz – “On Fire” – Dozzi Doz just dropped his first single and video of the very highly anticipated Lordknoz album. On fire is on fire! This record is hot! Stay tuned for more and follow Dozzi Doz on social media for his latest releases. | @DozziDoz

Drewie Decimal – “Rhythms of the River” – Rising San Diego, CA artist Drewie Decimal just dropped his 2nd mixtape titled “Rhythms of the River” Rhythms of the River came about because Drewie Decimal noticed writers in his community have always used bodies of water, rivers in particular, in a symbolic manner – From Zora to Langston to many more. While going through various beats, he wanted to put his own spin on that symbolism, but from his own perspective and using situations he thought spoke to the world. This project was about not compromising a sound, showing confidence and improvement, honoring hip hop, and showing the connectedness we all share from our struggles to our prosperity to our celebrations. Check out “Rhythms of the River” now! | @drewiedec 

Dylan4K – “Thiefstyles Volume 002″ – Dylan4K, revolutionary expat turned global gangster rapper just dropped his latest project titled “Thiefstyles Volume 002”. Check it out now and follow him on social media for his latest releases. | @Rappin4k

Geezy Tech – “Realize” – Geezy Tech’s “Realize” is a gritty, edgy, dark, yet positive hip hop track about soul searching. To accept truths no matter how tough, and that good can actually come out of something bad. | @Geezy_Tech

Harmini “This Changes Everything” : This year is one of great influence and achievements for the Texas-based Christian artist. With surprises on the way, Harmini is currently in the spotlight in his category. He has gained his fame from his master singing and rapping skills, acting, and impact in the entertainment industry. Releasing a new single each month, his impact is becoming a global movement. His newest release, “This Changes Everything”,  is the main soundtrack in Laurence Fishburne’s Hollywood film ‘Under the Stadium Lights’ releasing this summer. Be on the look-out for Harmini this fall at God’s House of Hip Hop Summer Fest where he takes the stage in a crowd of over 22,000 attendees. | @Harmini731 

Hitta Slim – “Jackhammer” – Sick Wid it Records artist Hitta Slim is taking the world by storm with his new song titled “Jackhammer” which also includes a very distinct dance. This song and dance has captured every race and every age group around the country. This song contains positive/ motivational vibes along with a celebratory dance. We have seen everyone from your average citizen to platinum recording artist doing the Jackhammer. In the words of Hitta Slim, he is proud of you all. Hit the Jackhammer and stream this record immediately. | @hittaslim1

HiTTaGaang: HiTTaGaang Is A Music Group Composed Of Many Different Artist  From Many Different States , Ranging From New Mexico To New Jersey.  An Eclectic Bunch Is What They Are. Music ranges from trap rap to conscious rap to RNB. HiTTaGaang Was Established In 2017 & Continued To Grow As CEO Brennan Mims , & Business Partner Nathaniel Blunt Pressed Hard In 2020. Which was the year they first started getting some paid performances. HG Group Members Are: Brennan “Mrbaccatit” Mims(Tul. , Ok), Nathaniel “Rappinazztruf” Blunt(Orl. Fl.), Anthony “EvrydayTony” Dargan(New Jersey), J.R “TheBarber” Crawford(New Mexico), “Reddie Fly”(Baltimore), Xavier “XTheSinger” Veales(Okc. , Ok) & Their Wonderful  Manager: Miss Chloe “Clo Loc” Walker(Ft. Worth , Tx). Currently they are traveling to different showcases and open mics to network and share their music, and are currently planning visuals to a few of their songs. Their Latest & First Project To Be Released As An Album Is Called “The Birth Of A New Sound”. | IG: hittagaangofficialpage

JaCue – “Kings” ft. King Los – JaCue is not only a rising artist to watch, but also a military veteran having served in the army infantry with two tours to Afghanistan. He is currently attending the university while pursuing an independent rap career and record label. JaCue just released a hot new single titled “Kings” ft. King Los. He started his rap career in May of 2020 with the release of his first mixtape “Pothead with a Puppy”. Check out his new single now! | @jacueofficial @jacuerecords

Jay Harlem – “Turnt Fo Da Summer” – Rising Cleveland rapper Jay Harlem just dropped a hot new single titled “Turnt Fo Da Summer”. This is the 3rd single released off his mixtape “Life Of A Menace” available on all major music platforms. Check out the official video on YouTube now!  | @_Jayharlem

Joe Major – “Woo Woo Woo” – On “Woo Woo Woo” you will hear the Houston native encouraging a lady to do her and continue to outshine her completion as the other ladies simply don’t compare. This particular song showcases a softer side to Joe’s creativity as this record is definitely one for the ladies. Some lyrics that stand out the most include “Shake that **s for a real one” which is a repeated phrase that can be heard on the chorus. | @majorthefavorite 

Jorden Bird – “Magic Wish” – Jorden Bird was born and raised in Queens, NY. Surrounded by an abundant amount of culture, Jorden was able to find his niche to contribute to it. After completing his time in service as a U.S Marine, he transitioned with a mission set in mind. Throughout his life, he grew aware of the intimate connection that can be created with music. Jorden would often turn to music to cope with the different adversities he faced in life. Inspired and impacted by the talented work from artists ranging from various genres, he was determined to create a platform that would allow others to connect. Through music, Jorden is able to channel his emotions and life story. Incorporating his feel-good melodic vibe to the lessons or expectations others can easily relate to in life. In life we all have our unique journey. Our progression is dictated on how well we adapt and overcome our hardships. No matter what, our “impossible” is possible. With an understanding and gratitude that our daily blessings bring, they will continue to shower. – IG @JordenBird_

Judaea – “Rollin” – “Rollin” is about being in a free energetic state with someone you vibe with on all good levels. “Rollin” talks about the fun & electricity of just riding out with your boo, or homies you love while basking in the moment with the drop top down, the sun glistening off your skin, the fresh smell of summer & your hair blowing in the wind. When you’re with someone that vibrates on the same level as you, you two become unstoppable & the night feels like an endless amount of possibilities. | @judaeav 

King JBoi – “Crossed Over” – Rising Memphis star King JBoi delivers a melodic bop that serves as the lead single on his Suburban Music EP. Showing off his versatility as an emcee and songwriter, the Memphis native has created a song that anyone who is getting to the money and their dreams can vibe to. He is definitely putting on for his hometown in a major way as he is letting fans know he has “Crossed Over” to another level of success. | @kingjboikos 

Lou Armstrong – “Get You That Bag” – Boston’s Mayor Lou Armstrong drops this fire new track “Get You That Bag” to show that even tho he a vet on the cities music scene he deff still can stay dated and go bar for bar with these new age cats. This song has a real new york drill feel but its cleverly aimed at the ladies like a strip club anthem, which in new england he is known as the strip club king  | @louarmstronghm

M2thak – “Speak” – M2thak is a celebrity YouTube prankster and the host of authority patrol comedy series. He gained popularity for original public pranks and social experiments, and is considered one of the pioneers of the platform. M2thak is also signed to SODMG Records and has been a confidant and business partner to Soulja Boy since 2008. With all the experience in the social media world, M2thak is now the director of brand partnerships and influencer operations for Monster Inc. M2thak is truly the goat and someone you definitely want to get familiar with. Check out his dope new single “Speak” now! | @m2thakshow 

MiddleEastside Tmo: Pakistani Michigan artist Middle EastSide Tmo pushes all boundaries when it comes to his music / videos. Influenced by culture, he wears traditional clothing in every video with culturally motivated lyrics mixed in with solid bars. He will be dropping a summer anthem for the desi and Muslim community titled “No Rishta” this summer. He has worked with many major artists and is on his rise to the top. | @middleeastsidetmo 

Mr.Stress1 – “Public Enemy 1” – Mr.Stress1 just dropped a hot new album titled “Public Enemy 1 that has already hit over 100k streams world wide. Make sure you check it out now available on all streaming platforms. | @Mr.Stress1RapSkill

Musmah – “Spicy” – Musmah is a Nigerian New York based Afro-fusion artiste. Having moved to New York from Abuja, Nigeria in 2013 for College, Musmah has consistently been involved with the Afrobeats and Hip-Hop scene in the USA. Spicy is the leading single of Musmah’s EP titled Hotel: Lafayette. The David Angel track is a feel-good summary afro-fusion track that emphasizes a stress-free relationship between Musmah and his muse. | @musmah 

Omatic Got2HavIt – “Hit Em Hard” – Omatic Got2HavIt just released the 2nd single titled “Hit Em Hard” off his new album “Force Feedem” dropping July 23rd! Get ready for a major heat up in the rap game! Stay tuned for G2H Entertainment and Omatic Got2HavIt. | @GottoHavIt 

Omen44 – “Hate” ft. Chelsea Reject – The Plug International and vetted national and international Hip Hop artist Omen44 announce the release of “Hate” the remix. The single/video is taken from Omen44’s latest critically acclaimed album ‘Hentai.’ “There is no enemy outside our soul. The real enemies live inside us. Anger, Pride, Greed, and Hate.” Omen44, who is on a mission to display the positive side of cultural creativity and uplift American souls through music enlists Chelsea Reject for a tag-team, impeccable lyrical flow. Shot in front of NY’s famed landmarks including Coney Island and graffiti murals, the duo delivers profound wordplay all while raising the question of why humans hate on other humans based on skin color, ethnicity, and culture.  | @omenfourfour

Piru – Debuting this summer, Puerto Rican – American artist Piru gives Latin Trap and Reggaeton a new flavor. The blend of English and Spanish within his music take listeners through a whirlwind of both familiar and new sounds. An established songwriter, he has written for several a-list celebrities, complimenting his experience as a DJ and producer. Piru expresses himself through his potent musical skills, image and like many creatives, distinct tattoos.The tri-lingual musician speaks three languages: spanish, english, and “Fresh Vibez”.  | @pirutrulife 

Q Dot Davis – “Nobody” – Q Dot Davis in making sure the south has a sound and voice in the Hip-Hop World. Despite being underrated and often overlooked for opportunities, Q Dot has always stayed positive and strategically put himself in great positions. His latest single “Nobody” is a link  up with Birmingham J, a Billboard -charting veteran from his hometown of Birmingham, AL & frequent collaborator JaxXxon. “DJs should throw this one on and watch it move the crowd, I am here to make Alabama proud” – Q Dot Davis This record does not disappoint! It’s very catchy, has quality verses and it’s vibes bleed southern authenticity. There is a big market for the music Davis is making. Let’s see if any labels make an investment in him in THE near future, his consistency in dropping quality music is impressive. | @QDotDavis 

Rock Mayfield: Alternative Hip-Hop/Emo Rap Artist is a lyrical storyteller. He was raised in a single parent household with a determined mother “fighting to make sure he had the best of the world we live in.” Rock Mayfield’s stage name has a story, similar to his music. In honor of his father, the artist decided to add “Rock” in front of his last name “Mayfield” to remind him of his father and to remain hard like a “rock” during hard times. This spring, Rock Mayfield released “Gotta Feel Me” where he opens up about the tragic pain that he went through when his cousin Danny Mayfield passed from his homicide shooting. Rock Mayfield heals through music and he has more on the way. | rock_mayfield94

Shababy – “Problems” – The song is about Shababy’s side chick that’s trying have sex with him. He can have sex with different chicks anytime, but has a girlfriend while all this stuff is going on. His main female is not tripping, but she not dumb and knows he cheating.The main thing is his side chick keeps it real. | @Shababy3x

Sun Down Charlie – “The Black Card” – Sun Down Charlie has stormed onto the music scene, amassing thousands of streams and is back with his new project called “The Black Card.” The rising artist made his debut on all major platforms in 2020 with his song “Kele” and has been burning up the hip-hop world ever since with a plethora of new singles. The song “Black Card ” feat. Terry Apala gives listeners world access to an exclusive glimpse of luxury as he brings the magic of Lagos giving fans nothing but vibes from start to finish. Sun Down Charlie is about to make the summer go crazy. | @SunDownCharlieMusic 

Taz Forte – “Figure 5” – Taz Forte is an upcoming artist from Atlanta. He just dropped a big hit record called “Figure 5”. It gives you chills as soon as you press play, it has energetic momentum and makes you want to count some cash. This single is a mega strip club joint available now on all platforms. | @TazForte1

Tony $huffle – “On One” – Rising Iowa artist Tony $huffle is back with a hot new single titled “On One”. He wrote, produced and engineered it himself. It’s a SLAPPER!!! | @wolsent1 

Tribe Mafia It’s a Tribe Ting – Known as Texas’s “Hometown Heroes”, this hip hop duo is rising to the top with their multifaceted musical abilities and styles. Composed of artists Chinasa Broxton and Dashawn Daniels, the duo achieved major milestones few reach such as their San Paolo, Brazil tour with Akon in 2019, nationwide media recognition with radio broadcasts, chart topping songs, a recent television debut on ZoomTV Network, and an upcoming European collaboration this summer. Tribe Mafia belongs to the  1% in the entertainment industry due to their versatile musical skills, resilience, and most importantly, evident passion for music. Their much anticipated album  It’s a Tribe Ting is set to release late summer. | @TribeMafiaMusic 

Willy J Peso: The home of many talents, Detroit has been in the spotlight for quite some time. Willy J Peso happens to be one of the rising stars to stem from the city. Making a strong release, his  album ‘Planet Peso’ spread like wildfire. This is his 8th full length project, and audiences are impressed, especially at his collaboration with Hip-Hop legend and Oakland, CA native Yukmouth of The Luniz on Planet Peso‘s Track 5: “Trip To The Bay”. Yukmouth of The Luniz is popularly known for his timeless hit single “I Got 5 On It”. Willy J Peso has more surprises up his sleeve, stay tuned. | @willyjpeso

Young Zerka: Hailing from Albania, this European star has released international hits such as “Like Rihanna” and “Harem” with other collaborations with mainstream featuring artists. Accumulating YouTube views in the hundreds of millions, Young Zerka is a familiar face and voice worldwide. His Albanian identity fused with Jamaican vibes is what makes the rising international star distinct. Young Zerka is one of the first and few Albanian born and based artists to be featured on All Hip Hop, opening doors to the American music industry. | @youngzerka 

Zoe Gawd – “So Official” – Rising Queens, NY based artist Zoe Gawd is back with another banga! So Official is out now and gaining notoriety in the streets, it’s an upbeat single produced by Low from Florida. The song has an infectious base melody and along with some boastful fly lyrics is set to be the perfect anthem to begin the spring/summer season. Check out “So Official now” and look out for her new EP “Cold Summer” dropping on 6/25. | @_zoegawd

As we’ve introduced you to new names and faces, it is now time to get familiar with their music. Whether it’s R&B or old school rap, you may just find your new favorite independent or up and coming musician to listen to and vibe with this summer. Stay connected and tuned for more heat that is on the way. Read more on Vocal Media and Booth Magazine.