Hockaday and Kazi Jones present “Love at First Sight”


We have all felt it before! Or at least we thought we did lol! Check out the latest single from Hockaday and Kazi Jones from their album “Bane of Fear” which is available NOW on Soundcloud and on nearly every music streaming service.

This record aims to get you moving and will send the groove down your spine.

The type of music you can skate to! Hockaday flexes the vocals and maneuvers the flow perfectly around this track dedicated to the moment that you first saw him or her!

Witness a display of true artistry on Tuesday, October 25th at SIR Studios in New York City when Hockaday will perform standouts from his latest joint album “Bane of Fear” with Jersey producer Kazi Jones, while respected Delaware artist Terrance Vann does a new rendition of the “Bane of Fear” album cover.

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The Bane of Fear album is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, and more!

Enjoy complementary French rosé courtesy of Maison Marcel!  Crafted with love in Aix-en-Provence.  Maison Marcel is a unique take on French rosé.  When Grenache and Merlot flirt with the fruit-forward Black Moscato, sweet magic happens.  Litchi, peach, and rose notes add a special touch to this magnificent mélange.  Fresh, floral, and divine, there’s no better way to drink rosé.

Hosted by Tubbs Krueger with music by DJ Peter Wins! Doors open at 7PM and the show starts at 8PM! Space is limited so get there early!