How Josymar “Llay” Freire is changing theGame with His Unique Sound

As a promising talent in the music scene, Llay has proved to his audience that he has what it takes to crack the ceiling in the music industry.

Most people think that having talent is the only thing you need to become successful in the music industry. Today, the music world has a sea of artists, making it competitiveand tricky to break through.

Josymar “Llay” Freire is a singer, songwriter, and vocal producer of Cape-Verdean and Guinean origins from Portugal. As a promising talent in the music scene, Llay has proved to his audience that he has what it takes to crack the ceiling in the music industry.

Llay has a unique genre for his music by incorporating R&B, hip-hop, and trap alongside Kizomba, Zouk, and Afrobeat.

Josymar “Llay” Freire’s career as a music artist began in his teenage years. He was so enthusiastic about music that he held small parties to promote his music by creatingvenues and hiring clubs for the events.

Llay’s first EP release in 2015, dubbed “Vou te Pegar,” has over 2.2 million views to date. Llay’s band produced the song, which features DJ Waldo, and the unique blend ofdiverse styles is irresistible. Some of his fans had this to say “This track is the best! 

Amazing! Great clip, qualitysingers! Keep up the high standards and keep themcoming!”. “The incredible mix of Kizomba and Afrobeat is out of this world. We want more of this!”

Later, LLay and his Exl band released two singles, and his audience couldn’t get enough of them. Llay was on a mission to meet his fans’ demands, and indeed he didn’tdisappoint them! The singles opened a golden opportunity for Llay to participate in one of the biggest AfroLatino Festivals in Latvia.

This propelled Llay’s music career to higher heights and he produced three more singles to satisfy his fans’ requests.

After, Josymar “Llay” Freire felt the urge to go his own way and immediately produced his first solo, “Toca No Meu Body,” produced by DJ Pausas.

The single, which has aunique sound, caused a storm in the Portuguese music scene. The song was featured in Portugal’s biggestAfro/Kizomba Youtube channel called “Mais Kizomba.”

You can’t remain glued to your seat when you listen toLlay’s songs – you will always find yourself up and dancing to the vibrations of the Kizomba and Afrobeat touch in his music.

Llay’s unique tunes are simply breathtaking and have given him a name on notable music platforms. Hismusic has been featured on GlobalZoukGalaxy Channel, Radio Television Timor Leste, and Afro Music Channel, one of the biggest Afro pop channels across Europe and West Africa.

Josymar “Llay” Freire has released more captivating singles: “No Talking” and “Too Much,” his latest single thatis dominating the Portugal music airwaves. Llay hasamassed over 41,000 followers through his Instagram account and the number is growing daily.

Llay advises young up-and-coming artists and producers to be committed, zealous, and appreciate what they are doing; their hard work will manifest and pay off one day.

Be aware of what your fans are looking for and be creative enough to develop a unique sound and style that will make a name for you in the industry.