How Seth Sheridan Overcame All Odds to Become a Music Sensation Online

To celebrate this feat, Seth Sheridan conducted a 24-hour live stream making a world record. Seth sang 30 songs in 24 hours and also interacted with his fans.

Everyone dreams of being successful in life, but only a few are willing to pay the price. Success cannot be achieved overnight. It requires monk-like devotion towards your goal. Rapper and musician Seth Sheridan has proved this with his life. Coming from the streets of Nevada, Seth overcame a series of challenges in his life to reach the position he is today. The award-winning singer is listed in the America Book of Records for live streaming 30 songs in 24 hours on his YouTube channel. His passion for music, especially jazz, is unparalleled compared to any contemporary artist of this genre, which fuelled his efforts to accomplish his dreams. 

Seth was born in a low-income family in Nevada. His father was a factory worker, and his mother was a local church choir singer. Seth inherited his love for music from his mother. Growing up, Seth witnessed his parents struggling financially to make ends meet. At times, the family would only manage to survive on one meal a day. This profoundly impacted Seth as a child who wanted to end this financial struggle when he grew up. 

At 15, Seth decided to drop out of school because he realized the faults in the education system. He wanted to do something to discover a shortcut to financial freedom. From then, Seth moved from one job to another, each time failing to find a fulfilling career. During this time, one of his friends offered him a job as a Foley artist at a local studio. Although he was new to it, Seth loved learning the art and enjoyed being at the studio, and he never looked back. 

At 19, Seth moved to Los Angeles to work as a Foley artist at the famous Henson Recording Studios. He started earning enough to pay his bills, but Seth wanted more from life. He consistently experimented with sounds for several years just for the love of it, and before he knew it, Seth became a self-taught composer. He has a unique and refined sense of composing that he realized could be the next trend in the industry. When Seth approached his recording manager to showcase his skills, he was rejected. This prompted him to start something of his own. 

In 2020 when the pandemic hit the world, leading to the closing down of clubs, studios, and live shows, Seth became unemployed almost overnight. Fearing he might starve to death, Seth started his own YouTube channel, “Bossy Beats.” He recorded videos with only a guitar to accompany him and soon enough gained towering views. This motivated him to start live streaming, engaging with his audience and inspiring them through his music. Seth amassed over a million subscribers on his channel in less than a year. 

To celebrate this feat, he conducted a 24-hour live stream making a world record. Seth sang 30 songs in 24 hours and also interacted with his fans. It was later published in renowned online and print publications across the country, further scaling up his fan base. Today, Seth is an online music sensation creating music the way he always loved and enthralling millions of fans. He can be seen in collaboration videos with popular DJs and producers. With such incredible progress in a short period, Seth is set to enter the mainstream music scene in the U.S. in the coming year.