J.R. Mckee Streaming Exec. J.R. Mckee reveals the secrets to help artists market their music

The Streaming Business 101 Masterclass is an extremely impactful course and can really help artists and labels break new grounds and increase revenue.

J.R. Mckee, the reputed Streaming executive and a songwriter himself, has announced an update to his first course. The Streaming Business 101 Masterclass will teach recording artists the best way of marketing songs to the masses and help them start the process of building a loyal fan base and revenue.

“We are happy to announce The Streaming Business 101 Masterclass for entrepreneurial recording artists,” says J.R. McKee, the respected A&R and marketing executive. “In this complete course, I teach my entire system. streaming executives like myself use to consistently blow up new artists on digital streaming platforms. The course reveals everything you want to know about DSP’s & record labels that no one else would ever reveal.”

The distribution part of the music business course includes information about the different DSPs and how each works and how to run as an independent artist and self-distribute your music. It also offers information about label services, what to look for in them, and the inner working process of major labels.

The Streaming Business 101 Masterclass is an extremely impactful course and can really help artists and labels break new grounds and increase revenue.

The DSP’S part of the course covers topics like hacking the streaming platforms. Artists are provided an insider view about the working of the various streaming services and how they can be utilized for success.

A valuable piece of information offered in this segment is the algorithm processes of top streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Pandora, Tidal, Amazon, and how artists can leverage this information to boost the chances of success for their music.

They can also learn how each platform has different pitch tools to get albums prioritized for play-listing.The Streaming Business 101 Masterclass streaming business course decodes the working of the streaming cycle to remain consistent in rankings. 

It unveils the ’52 Songs a Year’ strategy and shows why this strategy is vital for the success of any album. J. R Mckee also reveals how to use project and song rollouts to get major pushes from DSPs.

Recording artists can learn valuable information about critical areas of the music business such as streaming revenue and how artists get paid. They can know more about DSP payouts and learn tricks to maximize their revenue. The course helps them identify the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) they must focus on boosting revenue.

The course offers exclusive free bonuses in the form of additional information such as Fan Base Hacking, Content Secrets, Home Studio Guide, Dream Team Guide, and more.

The biggest bonus is The Streaming Business 101 Masterclass – 202 upgrade which comes with a host of features such as identifying the target audience, 90-day marketing roadmap, building a brand, marketing budget, pre-release checklist, and post-release tasks.

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For more information about the course and to enroll click here: https://www.streamingbusiness101.com

For more information about J. R Mckee, visit http://jrmckee.co 

About J.R. Mckee:

J.R Mckee is a respected A&R and streaming executive, a sought-after manager, and a hit songwriter in his own right. He is blessed with the ability to visualize outcomes before any move he makes which has helped him contribute, either creatively or executively, to songs that have sold close to 40 million records. McKee has also emerged as a pioneer in the developing DSP/Label Relations space.

The online Masterclass Streaming Business 101 was launched in 2020. The course makes use of case studies from McKee’s own career to teach students the opportunities available in the Steaming Business, including valuable tricks and hacks to grow streaming numbers organically and maintain a fanbase that leads to steady and sustainable numbers.