Jacques Laine Debuts Impressive New Single “Piano Riff”

Jacques Laine

Jacques Laine is a rapper that comes from a fresh area of NYC and brings that new energy along with it.

Jacques Laine is a highly skilled rapper from Newburgh, New York and he’s an artist you should have on your radar if you don’t already. The quickly-rising rapper and lyricist has released the first track off his highly-anticipated upcoming album — the single is called “Piano Riff.” The new tune has received impressive traction so far, leaving audiences wanting more from Laine and eagerly anticipating his album.

“Piano Riff” was produced by Just Da 1 and samples Mike Dean’s piano keys from Jay-Z’s Magna Carta album on the classic track “Somewhere In America,” (originally sampled from Jimmy Norman’s “Gangster of Love”) and presents Jacques from a vantage point reflecting on his triumphs and tribulations. Authenticity is a rare yet sought-after attribute among today’s artists, serving as the fuel that may build or ruin a career. It’s clear that authenticity comes naturally to Laine, and it plays a big part in his self-described “fresh, New York sound.”

Jacques Laine said in a recent interview that growing up in Newburgh, NY definitely played a role in the type of music he makes and his sound today. 

“Content-wise, my upbringing in Newburgh plays a big role in the things I discuss in my music, whether it’s my stories or those of the people I grew up with and care about,” he says. “I have to use my gift to shed light on a lot of the things we’re going through but either don’t have a platform to use or are too uncomfortable to speak on. I’m a very blunt and straightforward person and I think that shows up in my music in a relatable way.”

“And in areas they claimed I couldn’t go, I fell in love with some ladies who said they wouldn’t leave,” he raps on the beat.

“‘Piano Riff’ being the first single has a special place in my heart and it’s really me in my full lyricist bag with no hook or anything. Just bar after bar,” he continued. “I wrote it towards the end of summer when there were a lot of things going on back home.”

While fans steadily wait for Jacques Laine’s upcoming project, “Piano Riff,” is available to stream on all platforms. Stay tapped in with him @845jacques on Instagram.