REVIEW: Jasiri X’s “Black Liberation Theology” Invites Listeners To An Audio Revolution

Read The Review And Listen!

Jasiri X is one of the most celebrated rappers of the present day. Why? The man has stepped out time and time again, risking his wealth, health and well-being to fight for the people. Even when the people don’t think they need it, true freedom fighters battle on. On his latest project, Jasiri X comes with his hardest project to date – Black Liberation Theology. Listening the project suggests that the Pittsburgh native is increasingly more impatient with the American injustice system. The maddening police coverup over the murder of LaQuan McDonald in Chicago immediately comes to mind. Oh, but there are so many more victims from Tamir Rice, a 12-year old slain by police, to Eric Garner, a Black man killed in New York, to Oscar Grant in the Bay. Jasiri X encapsulates the frustration that’s boiling in Black America and he brings some friends with him. David Banner jumps on “Black Liberation Theology Part 1.” Tef Poe, Haze Cloud, Abhaollow, Blak Rapp Madusa, Idasa Tariq, Jordan Montgomery, King Legion and others also appear on Black Liberation Theology. The highlight may just be Jasiri and Rhymefest trading bars on “Christis,” and they ponder about if Jesus came back to us today. Black Liberation is rock solid and far more than a “positive” album. It addresses pertinent issues, asks questions, invites outsiders and forces the listener to think. Jasiri has taken his own art to another plane, likely a sad side-affect of increasingly troubling time. If there is a soundtrack to the realities of the day, this is it.

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