Kid Heat’s New Single “Pretty Girls Never Listen” Is Sure to Be a Hit

“Not everything in life will work in your favor,” says Kid Heat, “However, you should never let your current circumstances stop you from reaching your goals.”

February started off strong for the music industry, with various artists releasing some dope tracks that have now turned into trending sounds on different social media platforms. This includes “Do We Have a Problem” by Nicki Minaj and “It Will Be Okay,” among others. As we come to the end of the month, fast-rising artist Kid Heat is setting the bar higher and ending the month on a high note. 

The talented singer and songwriter is set to release his long-awaited song “Pretty Girls Never Listen” by the end of the month. According to Kid Heat, this is by far one of the best projects he’s worked on, and he believes it will have a huge impact on his listeners. He says writing the song was quite an experience for him as it is a bit different from his usual sound, but that is what makes the song even better.

Just like all his songs, his goal with “Pretty Girls Never Listen” is to empower, encourage others, and above all, leave a long-lasting impact on the lives of his audience. Music is instrumental to Kid Heat. Growing up listening to various genres, he came to love music and found refuge in it. He says his main aim in writing music is to create a safe space for everyone and show people that giving up is never an option. Kid Heat is using his talent to share his story with the rest of the world, encouraging them to fight for their goals. 

“Not everything in life will work in your favor,” says Kid Heat, “However, you should never let your current circumstances stop you from reaching your goals.” Kid Heat had to watch his mother struggle to make money to cater to their basic needs. He was raised by a single mother, and by seeing all the sacrifices she had to make to give him a better life, his goal in life was to become successful and help his mother.

Kid Heat invested in his career, perfecting his skills as a musician and songwriter, and with time, he cemented his place in the global music scene. His songs have gained thousands of views across the various streaming platforms, with his unique sound setting him apart.

Kid Heat is Native American with a little bit of Japanese in his background. Growing up exposed to different cultures, he has incorporated this into his music, something that is helping him create a unique and timeless sound. The smooth flow of lyrics, his impeccable voice, and quality production allow him to deliver his message perfectly, as evidenced in his soon-to-be-released song “Pretty Girls Never Listen.”

As he prepares to release the song “Pretty Girls Never Listen,” Kid Heat is also working on other projects. He says he is looking to drop some more tracks in collaboration with other artists in the industry. He is also using his journey to encourage others. “When you believe in yourself and put in the work, nothing is impossible,” says Kid Heat.