Klamps- “Masterpiece”

Klamps has found a unique way to bring the word to the youth!

Photo courtesy of David Bullock

Detroit-based Christian rapper Klamps’ faith has played a pivotal role in his upbringing and his development as a man.

Raised in the church and spending time as a minister, Klamps recognized a unique way to communicate with the youth in a manner they are more familiar with, thus kickstarting his career as an emcee.

Back in 2011, he began releasing gospel remixes to secular Hip Hop songs via YouTube. As the music gained momentum, Klamps stayed the course and has been gaining a lot of traction by releasing his own original content.

Sonically, his tracks give the impression of any other melodic trap banger, until the listener focuses on the vocals and realizes that Klamps is singing praises to God.

Take a listen to Klamp’s “Masterpiece” below.