Lil Richye- “Rotation” Video

Lil Richye’s star continues to shine brightly.

Recording artist and author Lil Richye is making his mark across multiple industries as an artist, songwriter, entertainer, author, influencer and fashion trendsetter, and the young star has also officially become a brand ambassador for the Charlotte Hornets. 

The talented and versatile artist has now returned with his latest single “Rotation.”

“The inspiration behind “Rotation” came from a group of friends and I talking about girls. One friend mentioned that a girl liked me, so I had him give me her number, and I text her “drop your location,” and the song goes from there,” said Lil Richye.

Lil Richye will also be releasing an album titled ‘Lone Wolf’ first quarter 2023.

“My mission on this project was to start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible and suddenly you find yourself doing the impossible. The worst thing I can be in life is the same as everyone else. When I realized this, that’s when I started making all types of music because I may wake up the next day and want to dance, and I make a bounce song or I may be talking to my girl on the phone and make a love song. I just do what I feel now while trying to be the best me that I can, and this will be evident on this project,” said Lil Richye.

The Charlotte, N.C. native is already a performance veteran with over a decade of experience under his designer belt having ignited stages since the early age of 3. The child prodigy was rooted in church and grew up singing in the choir, which is where he developed his voice. Music has always been the family business as his parents founded Let’s Ride Records and ran much of the operation from home.  As a result, Lil Richye was exposed to the creative process of the business and also the hard work it took to be successful.

Lil Richye’s appearance on Jermaine Dupri & Lifetime’s The Rap Game certainly served as a launching pad for his success, and now he shows no signs of slowing down.

Check out the video for “Rotation” below!