Malloy Jones- “Hiatus”

Harlemite Malloy Jones is making his mark!

Harlem, NYC has birthed some of America’s most culturally relevant figures since the days of the renaissance, to jazz, all the way up to the iconic figures of Hip Hop.

Hoping to carry on tradition while carving out his niche, Malloy James is looking to add his name to the pantheon of legends to emerge from his historic neighborhood. Malloy’s artistic journey began early, as he found his voice and ability to convey emotion in various paintings, digital art, and musical compositions. 

Throughout his career, he has been blessed to have his work sold, displayed, and heard in various countries, something that is not lost on the Harlemite.

“I use my art to connect people. I use my art to fill a void. I use my art to confront this state of being which we call life,“ said Malloy.

Recently, he unveiled his latest single, “Hiatus” which details the ups and downs of toxic love. 

Take a listen to the single below.