Meet Lil Bike: The Atlanta Rapper Who Turned Struggle into Success

Lil Bike has grand dreams for his future, which include securing endorsements and partnerships and owning land and real estate one day.

Throughout history, people have used their pain and struggle to create masterpieces. In fact, some of the best songs, books, and art were inspired by challenges in the artist’s or author’s life. Many times, the public does not realize that. It’s possible to erroneously believe your favorite artist lives and breathes glitter and glamor when you’re listening to lyrics that resonate deeply with your circumstances. The reality is different, like Atlanta-based rapper Lil Bike proves.

Though he’d been rapping from a young age, Lil Bike’s breakthrough didn’t come easy. His real-life was full of twists and turns that affected his art. This turbulence would later culminate in a fallout with his family and Lil Bike being kicked out of his parents’ house. The transition from relying on his parents to fending for himself on the streets forced Lil Bike to grow up faster than he should have. It also equipped him with a strength he appreciates today.

Lil Bike didn’t lose sight of his dream through the pain and struggle. He focused on the bigger picture and kept writing lyrics even as he hustled to make a living. When the going got tough or the noise became too much, he tuned every naysayer out and kept his head down. Lil Bike did everything he could to take care of himself and his budding career. With time, he got better at his craft and made another move.

Lil Bike dropped his debut track “Do It For You” in 2015 and was pleasantly surprised when it exceeded his expectations. The track gained 300k+ plays on SoundCloud soon after its release. For an independent and self-made artist, that was a huge milestone. Lil Bike continued to create catchy verses and post them on social media. That gained him even more fans and eventually caught the attention of Think It’s A Game Records which signed him in 2018.

“Grind” was Lil Bike’s first track as an artist in the big leagues. With its catchy melodies, emotional resonance, and sharp wordplay, the song was an autobiography of sorts. It gave an inside look into his journey as an artist. His charisma and confidence shine through in every verse as he motivates his audience with his interesting experiences.

Since then, Lil Bike has gone back to the studio and produced one gem after another. In his track “Behind Me”, he spits out rhymes and rhythms about his ascension to the top and the people he had to leave behind. The artist has other songs in his portfolio, like Professional, Live My Life, Minimum Wage, and Real Love, among others. Vivid videos that capture him cruising in fast cars, living in high-end hotel suites, and enjoying the benefits of his hard work accompany his songs.

Lil Bike has grand dreams for his future, which include securing endorsements and partnerships and owning land and real estate one day. Lil Bike also sees himself with a series of RIAA-certified plaques with a #1 album across the country. In the meantime, he plans to continue honing his skills and being transparent to his fans.