MEW3 Crew Drop New Song “Complicated” With Piru Millz


Hip-Hop group MeWe Crew drops a new single titled “Complicated” featuring Piru Millz.

Blood brothers Horny Devil and Poindexter say their music is based on spirituality, and it has been that way since they were children, who grew up as the sons of a Baptist preacher and a stay at home mom.

“What’s ME without WE? Nothing,” said group member Poindexter. “Having the same passion but trying to achieve it separately was how we were doing things. Having a strong family bond and support system, we decided to work together.”

In 2012, the guys found out their father had cancer. On June 21, 2014, their father passed away, but not before telling his boys to do what they had to do, in pursuit of their careers.

“The man that taught and raised us, the one who prayed for us, who wanted us to be great, was gone. It was time to bond, to work together, to continue his legacy, to make him proud…The birth of the MEW3 CREW.”

“We write our own lyrics and produce our own tracks. We are musically inclined and play a plethora of instruments such as drums, piano, trumpet, bass and lead guitar to name a few,” said Horny Devil, who specializes on the drums.

The group, which is influenced by Outkast, Terry & Jimmy, Gamble & Huff, KC & JoJo, Lauryn Hill and others, want to promote a positive message through their music.

Check out “Complicated” featuring Piru Millz below: