Music Touches on Various Levels, Per Brandon Rangel

Brandon Rangel is a multi-faceted musician that has longevity written all over him.

Music appeals to multiple senses, according to Brandon Rangel. It is more than just sound, as music can unlock memories of sight, touch, and even tiny whispers. Well-crafted lyrics and music take people back to specific points in their lives, thus impacting them on various levels.

Brandon Rangel doesn’t just want to create music for everyone; he wants to release music that listeners react to on individual levels. Not all memories are happy, but Brandon Rangel feels that as long as a track makes someone remember a significant event, it will create a connection between an artist and their audience.

After all, successful musicians don’t just put out great music; they put out music that fans can relate to. The five senses are part of the human experience, so why not capitalize on this simple concept? Per Brandon Rangel, an ideal example of a song that impacts multiple senses is “Red, Red Wine” by UB40. This classic has instantly recognizable music accompanied by lyrics that invoke the color, smell, and taste of red wine. What Brandon Rangel finds genuinely remarkable is how creatively the song comes together.

He cites this particular track as a great inspiration for his own music. The biggest challenge is to tie everything together, so it is not only practical but has that seamless flow. If a song does not have these critical elements, it will not have the same impact on listeners. Brandon Rangel reflects on how other tracks have deeply touched him, so a primary goal is to create that same effect but on the performing side.

Another purpose for Brandon Rangel is to release music that will be around for a long time. Some songs fade away while other musicians fall under the undignified category of one-hit wonders. Brandon Rangel knows that in order to avoid these fates, he needs to create timeless tracks that capture the human senses.