New Single From Artist M3LO Capone, “Vindictive,” Ahead Of Mixtape Release

M3LO Capone

Check out M3LO Capone’s new single and accompanying video, “Vindictive.” He hopes to inspire others in the same way music has inspired him. 

Hip Hop/Pop Rap artist M3LO Capone shares a new single and accompanying video, “Vindictive,”  ahead of his mixtape release. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Capone has been creating music since the age of 14, having recorded his first song while on a bus for a class trip. Capone fell in love with music, having found a passion for recording his own voice and using music as a means of expression and a form of therapy. Wanting to make everlasting, positive impacts in his community, Capone decided from there that music would not only serve him in a therapeutic sense, but also as a long term investment and career that would allow him to share his experiences and inspire others in the same way music has inspired him. 

When it comes to his craft, Capone prides himself on his versatility. He writes all of his own music, though he does have a personal engineer, MixedByTempo10, who he collaborates with on production. Capone has an affinity for creating, articulating the sense of pride and amazement he often feels when making and releasing music that others can enjoy for themselves in his work. His goal with his music career is to be able to connect with people through shared experiences and even just a shared love for music. Capone plans on investing in his career for the long term, hoping to carve a new path in the music industry by opening many new doors for other artists as well as new lanes in life.

As for Capone’s current work, he is focusing on promoting his latest single “Vindictive.”   Hoping to build a larger fanbase, Capone plans to release more music videos in the near future ahead of the release of his newest mixtape, “All Gas, No Breaks.” M3LO Capone’s latest single “Vindictive,” and all of his previous work, is available across all streaming platforms. The music video for “Vindictive” is available to watch on YouTube.

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