Papi Versace Unveils New Track “Commitment” and Talks Upcoming Project ‘Visions II’

Papi Versace

Papi Versace is coming straight out of Atlantic City with a new side to the NJ shore folks have never seen.

Papi Versace, aka the “Commitment” maestro is coming in hot this year after a quiet 2021 in the music foray, but news of his project marks a new era for the Atlantic City purveyor.

R&B/Hip-Hop artist Papi Versace has announced the sequel to his laudable 2020 debut Visions, and we are excited.
After releasing the first single, “Commitment, to usher in the energy he will be channeling for this new season of his art, showman Papi Versace is excited to finally let the cat out the bag — Visions II is arriving in late March, reportedly.

“I want people to see who I am as an artist through my next album. My first album was just to prove I could do it, but this second project is full of emotion and grit,” he announced to Remixd Mag before actually sharing an unequivocal date of late March.

Papi – who has had his fair share of adversity, given that he used to do door-to-door pest control delivery in Houston, Texas, has since grown in stature and in his celebrity in to a public figure that dabbles in the crafts of fashion, modelling, photography, and music – which he concedes is his first love. It is projected he will be combing through themes of relationships, success, and the trials he has encountered while on the ladder to reach this apex he realizes he is currently at.

“This project is mainly about coming to fruition as an artist struggling to maintain personal relationships, he says. “Which is something I feel that all successful artists go through at some point in their careers.”

Meanwhile, the jubilant artist and all-around purveyor has also disclosed that he is finally about taking his craft seriously with dreams of being a seminal act in the music industry never seeming so close, and putting his childhood dreams in the front seat are some of his biggest ambitions.

“Honestly what inspired me to dedicate myself to music entirely was the feeling of the vision of having influence over the masses. I want to put that to greater use later in life, but I feel like music is the best outlet you can use to truly speak your truth,” he said.

If you’re into an artist with buttery vocals, showmanship, unquestionable bravado, and overt sensualism, this is your queue. Check out “Commitment” by Papi Versace below.