PREMIERE: Roadrunner TB Tells “Buddy Story” In New Visual

Roadrunner TB

Check out the world premiere video for Roadrunner TB’s new song “Buddy Story” courtesy of Cinematic Music Group!

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Roadrunner TB is next up in a long line of young artists to be developed and blown up at Cinematic Music Group. Now, he returns to release the official music video for “Buddy Story,” premiered exclusively on AllHipHop.

Originally appearing on “Mind of a Blender” back in July alongside his partner-in-crime Roadrunner Savy (whose real life brother plays the lead character), “Buddy Story” is a heartfelt true story about a young man named Buddy who was once on top. Buddy finds himself in trouble and goes back to his trouble-making ways. Broke, desperate and unable to leave the loop of poverty, he teams up with his nephew Zoe to rob Zoe’s step-father.

Before the robbery Buddy gives his nephew Zoe a fake gun in case he tries to do something skeptical and robs him afterwards. While they’re robbing the house, someone walks out of the room. Assuming it’s the stepfather, they started shooting and ran out the house with bricks of heroin — not knowing that they actually killed Buddy’s sister in the break-in.

Roadrunner TB paints this vivid story flawlessly through his lyrics while frequent collaborator, DirectorPuk, capturing the visual accompaniment that only adds to the visceral effect you feel while watching.