Rapper Danny Riguez is a Musical Powerhouse

In 2016, Danny’s music career started to take off. At this point, he began making mixtapes, and he’s never looked back since.

When he was growing up, Danny had his fair share of challenges, from two divorces to financial issues. His mother solely raised Danny for a part of his life, but he always felt an immense connection to listening to and creating music despite all of this. Incredibly, Danny made his first song when he was only eight years of age on an Mp3 player. Those devices might sound like a relic of a past long gone, but if you think about it, they were pretty magical, as it was the first time you could build a sizable music library and take it with you wherever you’d go. This meant that an artist like Danny could grow and expand his musical knowledge with ease due to his hunger for different music and his genuine passion for the art and craft of songwriting. Their genuine love for music has only gotten stronger as he has matured as an artist. 

When he was only nine years of age, Danny started to build a studio in his closet. This was a great environment for him to create and discover new, exciting sounds to bring his songs to life. Throughout his development as a performer, Danny has always used the resources around him and made something special and unique through hard work and his creativity. 

In 2016, Danny’s music career started to take off. At this point, he began making mixtapes, and he’s never looked back since. In 2018, he created two independent EPs, which helped him tap into his creativity and unlock his potential. Following his high school graduation, Danny turned down college offers to travel and pursue a fully-fledged career in music. In 2020, Danny decided to join the military to support himself while exploring his creative endeavors. Now that he’s based in Korea, Danny continues to invest in his music career and plan for his future releases, shows, and more. Every day feels like a new creative challenge for this amazingly talented individual, who is always ready to set the bar higher and try new ideas with every single song he makes.

So, what’s next for Danny Riguez? After he finishes his work in the United States Military, he has a lot in store indeed. The artist plans to throw himself back into the music industry, and he wants to embrace it as a full-time commitment. His goal is to bring all the maturity and life experience he has acquired. 

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dannyriguez