Rapper Laflex Releases Mind-Blowing Album Titled “Allusions”

Rapper Laflex has been featured on various stages with his vast discography that entails tracks carved smartly all by himself.

4th February 2022, rapper LAFLEX released his earth-shuttering album titled “ALLUSIONS.”

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Laflex made his music debut in 2013 under his ex-alias “King Laylow.” With an affection for music that stems from growing up in a musically inclined family, the adept rapper set out to make diverse, unique music that defies the mediocrity of the ordinary sound of rap.

A few days ago, Laflex dropped his latest project titled “Allusions,” a 13-track album featuring Florida artist 454 and Playwai Kev from Milwaukee. Having been previously exposed to various new places and a vast number of characters in his life, the prodigy made this album to reflect all his precious moments lived from childhood until today. Comprising of titles like; Macgyver, Rocky & Bullwinkle, and Doja Cat, which might be familiar to many of his fans, the singer/songwriter set out to tell his life story from the past through the facade of these different “Allusions.”

Creative and set apart in his style, the gifted rapper, who is also CEO of Jugg Works Entertainment, an independent label under which he released his latest project, created Allusions with an inspiration of taking his listeners on an experience into some of his personal interests for some of the characters, places, and things that make up his style. To arrange one of the best lineups of tracks, Laflex had to dig back into the skeletons of his childhood and revisit some of his favorite shows he loved as a child. He intended to meditate and refresh his mind on the past and how these shows filled him with a mixture of some of the best and worst memories.

All the tracks on the album “Allusions” are the prolific work of numerous producers, including; RuBoy, Based TJ, RAN, Gibbo, Juvy Catcher, Baby Plugg, Kassgocrazy, SupaMark, Dirtbag, Keno Beats, and Quantich. These producers fabricated an album featuring groundbreaking beats that are well-crafted and intense to the lovers of real Hip-Hop.

Leading with his single “Doja Cat,” Laflex delivered an undeniably rich collection of some of his best rhymes that effortlessly emphasize his flow and agility for his passion for rap music. Following back on some of his best works from the past, the rapper has continued to display his rare talent and stayed unique in his style while consistently working on electrifying music that creates an experience for his fans.

Rapper Laflex has been featured on various stages with the vast discography that entails tracks carved smartly all by himself. As he sets out to push his brand-new album “Allusions” in the next couple of months, the gifted artist is expected to make a performance at SXSW as he constantly works on the visuals to some of his newly released tracks.

To listen to Laflex’s new “Allusions” album, check out all his socials and music streaming platforms now; 

Twitter: @LaflexGod

Instagram: @laflexx

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/de/album/allusions/1608603432?l=en

Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/Laflex_souncloud