Roc Nation’s DJ Bodega Flee to Release New Music with Jim Jones, Zoey Dollaz, 42 Dugg, Tory Lanez

Roc Nation’s heavy hitter DJ Bodega Flee is probably best known as one of Florida’s most sought after DJ’s.

Roc Nation’s heavy hitter DJ Bodega Flee is probably best known as one of Florida’s most sought after DJ’s. Having worked at radio stations like 95.7FM (Tampa) 104.5 FM The Beat (Orlando) and 99.1 Jamz (Miami) he has solidified himself as a turntable legend in the Southeast. Now the Harlem born Dominican 30 year old who rose to global fame in Summer 2020 as Tory Lanez popular DJ during his epic “Quarantine Live Radio” is moving back to the Tri State Area and preparing to release new music. The new music will features collaborations with some of today’s hottest artists including Jim Jones, Zoey Dollaz, 42 Dugg, Tory Lanez as well as Latin stars Melii, Rochy Rd, Kiko El Crazy and Chucky 73. 

As one third of the lustrous legendary Hip Hop faction, The Heavy Hitters (DJ Enuff, DJ Camilo) Flee has carved out his own niche in the Orange State where he thrives at the intersection of Hip Hop and Latin music. Giving a glimpse into his forthcoming music Flee says “I’m definitely bringing the crossover culture with Hip Hop and Spanish music. I’m Dominican but I grew up in the Bronx which basically explains me and who I am today.” Many of the artists featured on the new project come full circle for Flee who first met Florida rapper Zoey Dollaz when he was attending Barry University in Miami. “Zoey encouraged me to follow my dreams. He told me to make a plan, work hard, and do not give up. I mean, I know this sounds cliché’, but I felt what he said and I carried his words of wisdom with me.” Fast forward a decade and the two of them have linked on the song “Spanish Mami” also featuring Jim Jones.  

In May of last year Tory Lanez recruited Flee again to be the DJ during his “Social Distancing Tour” on Youtube so it was only apropos that he called up the Grammy nominated Rapper/Singer to partner on new music. In fact Flee credits Lanez for catapulting him to an echelon where he was noticed by Juan “OG” Perez. Perez signed Flee last year to Roc Nation and says “You’re going to be great just keep tearing up the clubs and stay focused.”  Flee says the sound will be an experimentation with trendy genres like Dirty South and Gangsta but with the bounce of West Coast. He will also release some records in the Dembow genre, which blends Dancehall with his Dominican roots

Discovered by the same legends responsible for presenting the world to today’s legends from across the country like DJ Lobo, Bootleg Kev, and DJ Enuff. Flee has quickly become one of the most notable faces of the brand with his fast-growing fanbase and credible ear for breaking the undeniable next superstars from the South to the East coast. Citing his biggest influences as his mentor Prince Markie Dee (The Fat Boys) Flee says of the legend, “We worked together at B#### Trap on the River in Miami and he taught me the Strip club game, we used to be together every night he was like Batman and I was Robin. He died one day before his birthday, and 2 days before mine.”

Last year, Flee linked with rap mogul 50 Cent who was so impressed with the DJ that he offered him a liquor ambassadorship with his cognac Branson and his champagne Le Chemin du Roi. Currently Flee can be seen spinning at his residency at Miami’s B#### Trap on the River where he’s worked for the past 3 years but plans to expand to new nightclubs in a move back to New York.

For a music aficionado who started out his career at the tender age of 18 promoting parties in NYC and Jersey, DJ Bodega Flee has come a long way to now being embraced into Jay-Z’s The Roc where the mogul recently said, “Welcome to the family, keep up the good work.”

Instagram: @bodegaflee