RZA Rolling With Hillary Clinton In Upcoming Presidential Election


(AllHipHop News) Wu-Tang’s frontman RZA has revealed he will be voting for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming Presidential elections.

RZA told The Daily Beast that America has a great image around the world. During the interview, he said that the treatment he received on the road when traveling internationally, was directly related to who the President
was at the time.

“I’ve been traveling the world from [Bill] Clinton to [George W.] Bush to Barack Obama, right? And when I was going around the world during Clinton, the party was good, people came in and paid for the tickets, I wasn’t mad,
room service was good, the restaurant treatment was good,” RZA said. “When I traveled the world during Bush, people was hating on me. I had to wait for the waiter, you know what I mean?”

RZA said the world’s outlook on America changed for the better after President Obama was elected into office in 2008.

RZA believes electing Hillary Clinton would have a similar effect.

“So when we put in a black man as president, we kind of fulfilled what the principles of our country are: to look at us as that guiding light,” RZA concluded.

RZA is currently preparing a new collaborative album with Paul Banks as Banks and Steelz, titled Anything But Words which is slated for an August 26th release.