Salma Slims Drops Heat With New Single “AKA Salma Banks”

From the Hood to the Suburbs: Salma Slims releases a universal hit!

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Rising recording artist Salma Slims has released a vibey new single titled “AKA Salma Banks.” 

The track “AKA Salma Banks” captures the essence that is Salma Slims, feminine, powerful, and bossy AF! Salma’’ effortless transition between a beauty pageant glamazon to a word pressing MC is everything the industry didn’t know they needed.

Salma Slims exudes confidence across her social media platforms and more importantly in her artistry. 

Her self- empowerment can be heard throughout the entirety of the record, “AKA Salma Banks”. Salma rides the beat without flaw, making certain that individuals everywhere, no matter how hood or how prestigious, knows her name. 

Salmas’ ability to curate a track by simply utilizing her experiences as a female with perspective, helped to transform this track into a well-versed anthem for women of all races and backgrounds.

The runway rapper posted a behind the scenes snapshot from her cover art shoot for the record “AKA Salma Banks.” 

With just over 200,000 impressions the emerging rapper has generated buzz for the promising single. Slims has once again solidified herself in an industry of many, as a one of one talent. 

Salma continues to mesh who she is as a woman with who she’s becoming as an artist, in which has been represented flawlessly in her newest track. “AKA Salma Banks”! With a hit this contagious, and an image so fetching, the talented star has once again given the audience and prospective audience more reason to fall head over coin for Salma Slims, AKA Salma Banks!