Sho Underscore- ‘What You Here Fo’

Sho Underscore is here to change the game.

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“What You Here Fo” is not only the title of the newest offer from Sho Underscore, but also a question that he challenges you to ask yourself. In a day and age when it seems that the coolest thing to do is be like everyone else, Sho dares to go against the grain and march to the beat of his own drum. The Texas born trailblazer labels his style of music as “Southern Eclectic” which he describes as a  mixture of  Hip Hop, Blues, Gospel, Country, Classical, and Rock & Roll. One listen and it becomes clear right away, the purpose of this project is to set a new trend and take music back to the days of originality and distinction. Tracks like “Doing The Most” and “Robbin Givin” are filled with melodic flows and intricate rhyme schemes that give a message without coming across as preachy, while joints like “Boss Chick” and “Baby You” (which features an impressive appearance from newcomer Orteca Sky) uplift sisters and still provide a sound to groove to. If you’re looking for something to bump while you ride around with the stick ready to pull up on the ops, this isn’t the project for you and it isn’t trying to be. This project stands as a gumbo pot filled with heaping helpings of Southern Hip Hop in a way that you’ve never heard before. Sho Underscore made it clear that he was tired of the current climate of mainstream rap, and rather than be another bitter rapper, he created the change that he desired. If you miss the days of being able to tell who an artist was immediately after you heard them, or you’re just tired of hearing radio play the same 7 songs every 30 minutes, this is just what you’ve been waiting for. Love it or hate it, “What You Here Fo” is the album that can’t be compared to anything you’ve heard before, and that’s exactly what it was made to be.