Son of Mars talks New EP, Finding Inspiration, & More!

Son of Mars is starting the year off strong with cosigns from some of music’s most powerful collectives, collaborating with Grammy winning producer Alex Chiger in the winter of 2020.

Son of Mars recently released a lyrical video off of the EP for “Anakin” via FamilyOverGold Entertainment. The newcomer is starting the year off strong with cosigns from some of music’s most powerful collectives, collaborating with Grammy winning producer Alex Chiger in the winter of 2020. Hinting at a debut mixtape coming sometime this year, the artist is on a roll with another visual off of his latest EP Son of Mars.

Son of Mars was born and raised in the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago, he moved to the US in 2015. Spending time between New York and Atlanta, Mars discovered his passion for music in 2018 when he attended the University of Rochester. It was at the university he was able to pursue musical production, while furthering his interests in Finance and entrepreneurship.

(Allhiphop) You’re out in New York at the time of this interview. What are you up to?

Right now I’m working on my next project. It’s a mix of songs that I’ve had on my mind for a while. I’m working with some really good producers and engineers, we all hyped for what’s coming next. Also taking in some of the NYC vybz it’s always good to be out here.

(Allhiphop) Now for those who don’t know, how did Son of Mars come up with his name?

The name Son of Mars came before I started making music. As a kid I was fascinated with Greek mythology, it was something I could always learn more about. I would always go by the name Demi God.

Son of Mars came from the Greek God Aries, known as Mars. The god of war represented Trinidad and Tobago a place that at some points in time felt like a battlefield for me, it is still the most beautiful place I know and where I was born and raised. So Son of Mars to me also represents a child of Trinidad and Tobago.

(Allhiphop) Now let’s move on and talk about your new EP, Son of Mars

This project was my first attempt at putting my thoughts on a record. I loved the way it turned out considering I recorded most of the EP in my dorm while attending the University of Rochester.
The EP has three tracks “First Born, Watch Yourself, and Anakin.”
These are all tracks that I wanna look back at and see where I started. I wanted it to offer a really wide range of melodies, and branch out of the trap genre and into something else entirely.

I feel like that’s what I’m gonna focus on for my next project.

(Allhiphop) What’s your favorite song on this project?

My favorite song on the project is Anakin. That was a freestyle verse that I recorded in one take. There was so much energy in the room that night, and we were just able to feed off of it and really turn it into something crazy.
I feel like those are the best ones, the ones that come from energy.

(Allhiphop)Are you excited to get back on the stage? & are you planning on joining a tour in a near future?

Yeah I’m really excited to get on stage and perform these! I’ve been getting a lot of love from different states, so we are really tryna narrow in where the large majority are and hit there first. But I’m really excited to be on the road!

I’m planning on releasing some more music soon! So before I hop on anyone’s tour I wanna make sure I get this music to the people. I also wanna experience it with them so I’ll probably wait till I drop it to hop on a collaborative tour.

(Allhiphop) Last year you signed with FamilyOverGold Entertainment. What made you decide they were the best fit for you?

I signed with the FamilyOverGold label because what they do is more than a label. From day one the approach has been to develop me as an artist and really try to better my music. I’ve seen people leave a label the same artist they went in as, and that was a big concern for me. The individual love and focus I get here is why I’m forever FØG

(Allhiphop) Is there anything you’d like to let your fans know?

If you got a dream then make a plan to follow your dream. Everybody in the world can dream, but only you can plan your future.