The Baddest Chick, Trina, is the Latest to Add Dez Nado’s Summertime Anthem “Flawda Ish” to Rotation

4 weeks in, the album earned nearly 30,000 Spotify streams, with over 12,000 new listeners, and over 8,000 plays on Soundcloud.

After earning radio airplay on several stations throughout the southeast U.S. all the way out to Cali, crossing a quarter-million mixtape plays with global music syndicate Mixtape Monopoly, charting and trending for multiple weeks on, CICANA Urban Mixshow Priority Pool, and PlayMPE, receiving critical acclaim on multiple established music blogs, and earning over 50K streams on the most widely used streaming platforms since the May 2022 premiere, Dez Nado’s latest single “Flawda Ish”, featuring fellow Jacksonville native J Chat, is now catching the eyes of Miami-based rapper and VH1 TV star Trina, who took to Instagram in support of Dez’s new hit on Juneteenth weekend. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this buzzing tune, which multiple media outlets have dubbed a “spring/summer anthem”. Stay tuned.

Jay Scott, also known as Dez Nado, is an American hip hop and reggae singer, songwriter, and record producer from Jacksonville, Florida. He is also a television producer who produces and directs what was Jacksonville’s first and only cable reality TV series, Life & Grind: Duval, and LIVE from New Jax City, both of which originated in north Florida/south Georgia’s CW Network affiliate WCWJ/CW. Both series developed a significant following in and around Jacksonville, as well as outside of the North Florida/South Georgia market, opening doors for Dez and the team to work as media partners with major networks like BET, TVOne, Lifetime, and more.

Nado saw his earliest successes in college, where he used his platform as a college DJ at a small university in Jacksonville to distribute and promote his music and host his own showcases on campus. After nearly being killed by a gunshot to the chest in 2009, he shifted the tone of his music from “self-destructive to self-productive” and started using his music as a platform for pushing a progressive agenda and promoting non-violence in one of the most violent cities in Florida. This new sound led to his first major digital distribution deal after releasing his first mixtape series, No Hands, which included No Hands, No Hands 1.5, and No Hands 2. distributed by KKR/Island/Def Jam and his most progressive work in response to his views on the Trayvon Martin shooting and the Stand Your Ground policy in his home state of Florida.

Dez is hitting the road this summer/fall and featuring up-and-coming talent on the current seasons of both of his TV shows while capturing his life and grind from his own perspective for a new TV series to come in late 2022. He’s also promoting his latest single “Flawda Ish” featuring J Chat, a part of his upcoming mixtape “LPYH SSNZ: Twerk Tape”, a twist on/celebration of Twerk culture that was preceded by a mixtape entitled “LPYH SSNZ: 90s Tape” (pronounced Logophilia Sessions: Nineties Tape; a themed mixtape with songs inspired by popular trends of the 1990s) which dropped Valentine’s weekend 2020.  The LPYH SSNZ series will also include a mixtape album to be released this fall-inspired by popular trends from the 80s, and other mixtapes in the series counting down to what Dez anticipates being his final solo rap project, a major LP finale: LPYH (LogophiliYaH) in 2023 which will feature several “surprises”, according to him.

Dez Nado’s “Shoot Ya Shot” album preceded the 90s Tape and, within 48 hours of release, was added to several notable Spotify playlists like Caltify MX (53.5K followers), Release Radar, and Discover Weekly, along with over 10 U.S.-based Spotify user playlists, earned nearly 1,000 streams & 500 + new listeners on Spotify and 2,000 plays on Soundcloud with generally favorable feedback from the Soundcloud user community.

4 weeks in, the album earned nearly 30,000 Spotify streams, with over 12,000 new listeners, and over 8,000 plays on Soundcloud. In June 2022, the mixtape album is crossed half a million total streams on Spotify–right on time for the summer hit “Flawda Ish” to take the spotlight until his next single release leading up to the Twerk Tape’s release; the single is expected to be a “return to [his] Jamaican and Panamanian roots with a more Caribbean feel”.

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