ThePlaymaker Opens Artist Development Facility; Drops 50 State Push Vol. 1 LP


ThePlaymaker Is a Milwaukee artist that is taking his leadership skills to the next level in a unique way.

The music industry has long catered to the emergence of young and talented artists and Milwaukee, WI-based artist and promoter who goes by ThePlaymaker is taking advantage of this opportunity. He recently opened TCM or The Compound MKE a full-service development complex for independent artists. The facility offers promotion and development services such as a full-service internet and social media marketing team, a podcast studio, a practice stage, a photo, and video studio, a graphic design and print department, tour and merchandising services, and consultation and music education courses. The Compound MKE will be a hub for creatives and artists looking to take the next step in their careers. This is all lead by ThePlaymaker who has made his career in promotion or artists through a combination of street marketing and digital exposure. He believes, “visual street promotion and marketing techniques are part of the promotional future” and ThePlaymaker has mastered techniques that are now becoming national common practice when it comes to hip-hop and rap promotion.

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