Toosii Jumps On Partyat4’s Billboard Top 30 Hit Remix “To Da Moon”

Partyat4 and Toosii

Check out Toosii’s verse on the new remix to Partyat4’s new smash single “To Da Moon.”

Milwaukee native Partyat4 is a star!

No one hearing Partyat4’s single, “To Da Moon,” can deny this. That includes Toosii, who, after hearing the Rhythmic Top 30 hit for himself, had to jump on a remix of the song. Milwaukee is perhaps best known for its beer, the Bucks, or being next to a Great Lake (Michigan).

But not its Renaissance Men. Well, Partyat4 is just that. He’s an artiste with talents ranging from singing/songwriting and musical production; to drawing, painting, fashion design, and sewing. Add to that list cooking and baking (he was a Hyatt chef for a whole year), and it’s not hard to tell the kid is “creative.”

Now calling the music mecca of Atlanta home, Partyat4 took his name from an early mixtape release. He says the moniker gives props to those that have encouraged him to keep pursuing music since he was a child.

Or, as he puts it, his “Day ones.” If the response he has received so far from the Chart topping Single “To Da Moon” & its remix are good barometers, it appears those early cheerleaders were truly onto something. Partyat4 is destined to be up top Cream City style, like the head of a cold glass of beer!