Underdawg Slim- “Believe Me” Video

Panama City’s own Underdawg Slim is well on his way!

Photo credit: Rexway

(AllHipHop Music): Underdawg Slim is certainly the next artist to emerge from Florida’s music scene, and he’s back with a unique visual for his single “Believe Me”. The single was produced by the one-and-only Posta.

Underdawg Slim found his passion for rapping in his younger days as he began battling rapping at school in Panama City. He would gain attention every time he rhymed because of the wordplay found in his raps. 

His passion for music runs deep, and he was influenced by his father who plays in a Jazz band. This inspiration from his father led to him playing the saxophone and being in tune with soulful music from a young age. He has been writing, recording, and honing his skills ever since.

His lyrics are based on real life experiences and his sound is a fusion of soul music, trap and real Hip Hop. Growing up, Underdawg Slim always felt like an underdog, but he never let his circumstances cloud his vision.

He always found a way to overcome, succeed and beat the odds stacked against him in any situation. His message speaks to the underdogs, and he strives to leave a legacy that motivates, encourages, and inspires others through his music.

Underdawg Slim’s primary goal is to make his family proud and to put them in a better situation.

“When you listen to my music, you will see that I’m solid. Everyone claims to be real, but I like to keep it solid. You can hear it in my music and my esoteric outlook. My son is my motivation. Everything I do is for him. I will not let him down. My objective is to turn my music into dollar signs so I can take care of my family and pour back into my community,” said Underdawg Slim. 

Check out his latest visual for his single “Believe Me” below.