Vakill And Twista Zip Bags With “Vestcheck 1,2”


Vakill and Twista join forces for a lyrical assault on the senses.

Vakill is back.

The Chicago veteran has returned to Hip-Hip with a new single and album in God’s G.U.N.S. It has been a long time since we last heard from the lyricist, but thankfully he has come back. On top of that, he has come with reinforcements with comrade Twista. The pair combine forces to drop “Vestcheck 1,2” and fans are already clamoring over the unified effort. “My pet peeve, getting wet sleeves from submerging the game underwater, deciding who to let breathe,” Vakill spits.

Twista does what he is well known to do: release bars with an overdose of lyrics. The pair are almost like a throwback, except they aren’t. While both are vets, the timely return is representative of a renaissance within Hip-Hop. Much of this return is rooted in New York city, but clearly not limited to the birthplace of the culture. There’s more where that came from on God’s G.U.N.S., but Vakill manages to display range in flows, beats and subject matter for a well-rounded project.

Click here to listen to God’s G.U.N.S.