Vetted Recording Artist !Neco Was Always a fan of “Massive” Trap

Going back to his most recent release, fwb, it is not surprising to see that this song is quickly becoming one of the artist’s most successful tracks.

The music world has matured these last few years drastically; there have been massive shifts that aren’t necessarily for the worst. Recording artist and respected musician !Neco entered the music industry at a time of monumental innovation and change. He intends to be part of that revolution paving the way for other local acts and creating a brand that elevates purpose, passion, and people.

With an evergrowing discography, this will be the perfect opportunity for the artist to kick off the new year with something special, as the quality of his recent releases feels like a new benchmark.  !Necos’ background is unique, as he is always a massive fan of trap music. He was following the scene online as it was becoming more prominent, and suddenly, he felt like it was about time for him to try and grow his social proof. This is the reason why he discovered FL studio and started producing. !Neco himself always recalls that starting to make beats was the very best decision of his life, and it changed everything for him.

What’s more, he learned in a way that he had the opportunity to tailor a unique style, inspired by a wide range of undercurrents of trap, particularly sad trap, and perhaps even a little bit of drill, among other influences. Fans of some of the most melodic yet still hard-hitting trap songs will be able to relate to !Neco’s music. Going back to his most recent release, fwb, it is not surprising to see that this song is quickly becoming one of the artist’s most successful tracks. After all, nothing is left to chance in terms of production, and there is always room for the artist to play around with some innovative and striking ideas that really set the bar higher.

If you take a deeper dive into !Neco’s catalogue, you might notice that he never really sounds the same on most of his tracks, and the fact that he collaborates with other artists quite often makes for an even more interesting and highly dynamic tone, which is quite important as a way to consistently bring more variety to his musical output overtime. Collaborators keep things fresh, and why not, they might also help artists by gaining a new perspective, whether they want to try something different, or maybe they feel like they’re stuck in a creative slump.

The spontaneity in this arrangement is palpable. The song feels like a direct and one-of-a-kind combination of exciting ideas and influences, channeling the energy of trap and focusing on capturing the unmistakable flow of modern melodic sad rap and beyond. Fans of fellow artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, and Juice WRLD should be able to appreciate this unique new release by !Neco. That said, you should give this talented artist a chance because if releases like fwb are any indication, you’re in for something quite special.

Find out more about !Neco, and do not miss out on fwb. This release is currently available on streaming services.