Will Santana Presents 4 Elements of Hip Hop (MIXTAPE)


Columbus, GA emcees bring back the lyrics on this collaborative mixtape. The project features well known local artists such as Lil 40, Kush Pack, J.Toombs, Greasekydz and many more.

“There are a few reasons why I wanted to put together a mixtape. Many local artists were approaching me to shoot them a music video, but the songs were so cliché. The songs were reference to money they obviously didn’t have, degrading women, ownership of automobiles I never saw them drive and the typical catchy hook with no message in their lyrics. What happened to lyricists? What happened to the art of storytelling? What happened to talking about politics, education and events happening around the world? I felt the culture of hip hop was no longer a culture. Artists complaining about DJ’s but I recall the DJ and the artist went hand in hand. After watching a few local videos one day, I decided enough was enough; I wanted to make a mixtape with the original elements of hip hop. Now when researching the elements, the number of elements seem to always be up for debate. The 5th element is argued in forums, on Wikipedia and hip hop sites. No matter how many elements and what the 5th element is, there are 4 hardcore elements that are not debated and cannot be argued. I was not blessed with the talent to rap, DJ, paint graffiti, or produce beats, well here’s my contribution to hip hop that has been long overdue with the help of many lyrical artists…” – Will Santana