Winbush Set to Release “No Apologies” Album Hosted by The Game

The “No Apologies” album was completed in 2021, and Winbush has decided to release the album after a long anticipation period

Ohio-based singer and songwriter Winbush is thrilled to announce that the production work on his debut album, No Apologies, has reached its final stage and will be released across major streaming platforms. Winbush is known for his booming voice and catchy hooks, making him a fan favorite since he burst on the scene. He is bringing fans something to be happy about as he featured the late hip-hop star DMX and Houston Rap King Slim Thug. The album will be released on March 1 and can be streamed here

“The wait is truly over,” affirmed Winbush. “Everything is now set for the release of No Apologies and I am optimistic fans and music lovers will be delighted with the lineup of songs in this album. It is a special project and I dedicate it to the memory of one of rap’s legends, the late DMX who made a guest appearance on the album.”

Winbush started music at age 9. His musical journey began when Winbush’s brothers, Aaron and Mc, began vibing to and playing Bone Thugs N Harmony East 1999 album. From there, they began to record on a boom box using cassette tapes. Winbush draws inspiration from artists such as T.I, 50 Cent, 2 Pac, and Big L, to mention a few. 

For Winbush, getting to where he is today was no small struggle. He had to put in a lot of work, dedication, trial, and error. Taking risks, going back and forth from Ohio, Atlanta, and Boston, doing shows, meeting different producers, and more were activities he engaged in daily. The results are beginning to materialize, and Winbush is not resting on his oars yet. 

“The most challenging thing I had to overcome is realizing the people around me had alternative motives,” explained Winbush on his experiences while building his musical career. “Their true intention wasn’t as solid as I thought they were but I have learned and moved on. I know the universe has so much in store for me and I will continue pushing nonetheless. Thus far, working with DMX has been a lovely achievement, and performing to over 16,000 people in one show. That’s the least that is to come,” concluded Winbush. 

Winbush is an independent artist and producer, and No Apologies is guaranteed to be a thrilling compilation of beautifully rendered songs. The release date is March 1, and fans can stream the album on

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