21 Savage Double Down On Kodak Black Verzuz Claims: “I’m Smoking Kodak” 

21 Savage Kodak Black

21 Savage says Kodak Black must be ”smoking dope” for thinking he could defeat the “Jimmy Cooks” rapper in a Verzuz battle.

21 Savage and Kodak Black could be a step closer to competing in a Verzuz clash. 

The Atlanta, GA. based rapper recently claimed that he could beat anyone from the 2016 class in a Verzuz battle. That class includes Anderson .Paak, Dave East, Denzel Curry, Desiigner, G Herbo, Kodak Black, Lil Dicky, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty. 

“Nobody from that Freshman cover [can] beat me in no Verzuz,” 21 Savage said on Clubhouse. 

In response, Kodak Black took to Instagram Live to say 21 Savage is capping. The Pompano Beach, FL. native told 21, “I admire yo’ confidence,” before adding, “but that’s cap.”  

The conversation was reignited during a Twitch stream with Kai Cenat on Wednesday evening (Nov. 9). The social media influencer suggested to 21 Savage that Lil Uzi would make a good Verzuz opponent. 21 agreed and said he would win “depending on the crowd,” pointing to Uzi’s “cult” following.  

However, when it came to the “Super Gremlin” rapper, 21 said: “I’m smoking Kodak,” although he added, “just depends on how a n#### play it.”  

While he acknowledged Kodak Black “got some s### out,” 21 Savage said his rival underestimates him. “He acting like I aint got that s###, I don’t know what n##### be thinking,” he stated. 

Kodak Black caught wind of the conversation and returned to IG Live to rebuff the claims.  

“21 don’t want the smoke man. That n#### aint say nothing yet. I done DM that n####, man what’s up. Don’t be capping on this internet if you ain’t ready to stand up in this fire. 21 don’t want no smoke, Drake know what’s going on,” Kodak said.  

21 Savage Says Kodak Black “Smoking Dope” For Thinking He Would Win A Verzuz Battle

Kai then played a clip of Kodak’s Live for 21 Savage to give his take on it. “Kodak smoking dope,” he said. “We gon’ do it, we gon’ see what’s up.” 

According to 21 Savage, “I’m the king of smoke, I love smoke,” he said, adding, “I go to sleep dreaming about smoke. I’m in love with smoke.” Check out their back-and-forth below. 

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