50 Cent Accused Of Stealing The Concept Of "Power" Show From Writer Curtis Scoon


(AllHipHop News) While 50 Cent was proclaiming the new Fox series Empire borrowed marketing strategies from his own Starz program Power, another Queens native was seeing 50’s show as a ripoff as well. Curtis “The Snake Charmer” Scoon jumped on Twitter to claim that the G-Unit boss stole the Power concept from a show he had been developing since 2008.

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Scoon accuses 50 and producer James Dubose of taking the idea for Power from a script he developed for a potential project titled Dangerous. Scoon says Dubose originally wanted Brooklyn rapper Maino for the lead role, but eventually 50 cent was also brought into the process.

“Dubose informed his staff and [screenwriter] Byron, 50 Cent was interested in Dangerous and would be coming to his office for a meeting. I have the email,” wrote Scoon. “Sure enough Maino and 50 came to the office a few weeks later. I have sworn affidavits from people who were there.”

From there Scoon alleges 50 was hesitant about being involved with the project because of the past issues between the two. While never arrested, Scoon faced rumors (which he denied) of being involved in the death of 50 Cent’s mentor Jam Master Jay.

Scoon has also been connected to Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. The convicted Queens drug lord clashed with 50 for what he saw as the rapper revealing too much street information on the song “Ghetto Qu’ran” as well as Supreme’s support of 50’s rap rivals Murder Inc.

“I believe once 50 heard my name he wasn’t going to do the project in its original form. I’m smarter, more talented and much more authentic,” Scoon added. He later posted, “I don’t really care about 50 like that. He’s like a speck of filth on the bottom of my shoe. I focus on the ‘man.'”

This is not the first time 50 has been accused of taking an idea from someone else for his own product. Sleek Audio recently won a $16 million lawsuit against 50 for wrongfully using the headphone company’s product design and confidential private client information for SMS Audio.

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Read Curtis Scoon’s tweets below.