50 Cent Battle With Remy Martin Over Branson Bottle Escalates

50 Cent

50 Cent is going to war with Remy Martin, over claims the rap star stole the bottle design for his liquor brand from the French company!

50 Cent will be heading to trial with rival liquor brand Remy Martin in court in a beef over each company’s bottle designs.

Earlier this week, Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein ruled that Remy Martin had met its initial burden in proving that 50″s Branson Cognac had lifted significant portions of its bottle design from the French company’s XO brand. 

The battle erupted last August, when E. Remy Martin & Co. sued Sire Spirits, 50’s liquor business, named after his youngest son.

E. Remy Martin & Co. makes the XO line of cognac, while Sire Spirits creates the rap star’s famous brand, Branson Cognac.

The French distillery sued 50 Cent, claiming the rap star stole their Centaur de Diamant’s bottle shape and used the trademarked design for Branson.

Remy Martin believes 50 Cent’s Branson design will confuse consumers in the marketplace. 

50 Cent fired back in a legal reply and claimed Branson was scared of the competition and that Remy Martin was attempting to destroy his brand.

The rap star attempted to dismiss the lawsuit, claiming his design was taken from canteens used by soldiers during the Civil war in the 1860s.

The rapper’s lawyer claimed Remy Martin was attempting to launch a “multi-front legal battle” to force an “exorbitant settlement” out of Sire Spirits.

However, 50 Cent may have to take the dispute to trial after his high-powered legal team attempted to have the lawsuit thrown out of court was defeated this week. 

A pretrial conference is slated for April 29th, 2022.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent continues to make moves with Branson. Last week, it was announced that Sire Spirits launched a new partnership with the Houston Rockets.

50’s company signed a multi-year deal for Branson and his champagne brand Le Chemin du Roi. 

The two brands will be showcased in multiple themed bars, branded luxury suites, and even a courtside box inside the Toyota Center.

50 is also getting his own restaurant, named the Sire Spirits Bar & Restaurant.