50 Cent Calls Out “Weirdo” For Taking Business Meetings On His Behalf

50 Cent

A man claiming he works with 50 Cent’s spirits brand Branson Cognac is learning the hard way not to fool with the rap star.

If people have not learned by now, the one thing to know about 50 Cent is this – you don’t play around with his money.

A man learned this the hard way earlier today (May 30), after 50 Cent called him out to his 26 million followers on Instagram.

The rapper/mogul has a problem with a guy who goes by the name of Quadir Kenney Sam, claiming he has been misrepresenting himself as an employee of 50 Cent’s spirits company, Branson Cognac.

“👀This guy is a whole fraud, he does not work for Branson or have anything to do with my brands and is going around taking meeting with club owner’s,” 50 Cent snapped. “@quadirkenneysam you are a f###### weirdo.”

50 Cent blasts man for repping Branson Cognac on his behalf
50 Cent blasts man for repping Branson Cognac on his behalf

Some of 50’s fans were legitimately confused since Quadir Kenney Sam represents Branson so hard. He even has multiple pictures and videos of himself posing with 50 Cent on his Instagram page.

After 50 Cent’s jab, Quadir Kenney Sam’s comments were filled with insults, jokes, and questions. So far, Quadir Kenney Sam has not replied to 50 Cent’s accusations.

50 is notorious for going after people who owe him money or fool with his brands.

For example, in 2008, Fif went after Taco Bell after the fast-food giant sent him a letter, urging him to change his name from 50 Cent to “79 Cent,” “89 Cent” or “99 Cent,” to promote their value menu.

The letter was released to the public first, and 50 sued – and won – after claiming they were diluting his brand and cashing in on his good name without paying him.

More recently, the rap star solved court documents to seize Teairra Mari’s assets, after she lost a revenge p### case and was ordered to pay him over $30,000.

50 has also shamed his debtors in public, for welching on loans. His targets have included Randall Emmett, Young Buck, Jackie Long, Rotimi, and others.

Take a look at some of the comments captured on Quadir Kenney Sam’s post of himself at KOD in Atlanta, where 50 was a recent guest host.