50 Cent Says Sorry To Tatted Up Holly

50 Cent Says Sorry!

This may be a first: 50 Cent issued and apology to ex-girlfriend Tatted Up Holly, after she accused him of physical abuse.

On an Instagram post, the rapper stated:

“Public apology: this women is good person. She has been a great friend to me for a year. I enjoy seeing her grow and progress in so many ways in a short period of time. I have no interest in seeing her down. She is a winner at heart, so she will always win. I have watched people hate her because of me,and Its only made me want to see her accomplish more. She is a very special person. She looks up to me so I want to let this be know,to people who would love to see her down. I’m never gonna let that happen. I’m way to big for that kind sh!t.”

Eventually, Tatted Up Holly and 50 both removed their Instagram posts.

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